Tainted Innocence

What is Seventh Heaven, the new Seoul club that just opened up? Why does Woo Bin hate it so much? And what will happen when Yi Jeong meet up with the Queen of Seventh

Categories: Boys Over Flowers, Yi Jeong/Ga Eul
Characters: Geum Jan Di, Gong Soo Pyo, Gu Jun Pyo, Ha Jae Kyung, OFC, So Yi Jung, Song Woo Bin, Yoon Ji Hoo
Beta’d: Self-Beta’d
Genre: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Alternate Universe

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


“I don’t like it here.” Yi Jeong commented some minutes after entering the club.
It was nothing but luxurious, with vip rooms, stylish furniture, trained waitress and very good music but he could feel something was wrong with it, starting from the black masks that were handed out at theentrance, so that the customers could wear them and not be recognized.
A large and high platform was dominating the ground floor and since there was a pole stuck into it, Yi Jeong supposed some professional dancer would have soon appeared.
“I don’t like it either.” Woo Bin murmured by his side, looking around and taking mental notes of everything he was seeing. “But I got orders to come here and look around. Let’s just sit down someplace far from the center and order something to drink. I want to keep a low profile for now.”
The lights were low and the air was full of a thick smoke, a spiced essence that made Yi Jeong’s head feel lighter.
“This club opened up not even a month ago and it’s already full of customers.” Woo Bin explained to his friend. “It’s not unusual but we always keep an eye on such clubs, we need to know if a rival clan is trying to penetrate Seoul. It could be dangerous to us.”
It was weird hearing the mafia prince talk about his family that way, but before Yi Jeong could ask anything, a young and pretty waitress came to pour them their drinks, nearly melting when Woo Bin smiled at her. Even with a black mask on, Prince Song’s smile could kill.
“Hey beautiful,” he addressed her, “is there some kind of entertainment in this club? Or that platform is there just for show?”
“Oh, you’re new customers then… The ‘entertainment’ is about to begin.” She answered averting her gaze.
Yi Jeong noticed the waitress sudden tension and stopped her before she could run away.
“Excuse me, what are these for?” He pointed at some buttons on the armchair.
Her eyes darkened and she bit her lip, looking at the platform. “To buy.”
Before either of them could say anything, she slipped away, leaving them perplexed, although Woo Bin was staring at the platform.
“Something’s wrong here.” he softly said, sipping his drink. “And I think I know what it is.”
“What are talking about?”
“Just look. If it’s true, I’m going to raise hell with my father.”
There was a dark look in Woo Bin eyes that Yi Jeong already knew and that never failed to remind him how his best friend was the heir of the most dangerous mafia clan in Korea. Hidden behind that handsome appearance and his english jokes, there was a man who was bound to control Korea’s underground in the next years, like it or not. He knew Woo Bin was ashamed of revealing that side of himself with his friends, but he couldn’t avoid being who he was. As one of his closest friend, Yi Jeong couldn’t be scared by him,
but he pitied the fool who dared to cross Woo Bin’s path.

A minute later, the music lowered its volume and a young man’s voice came from the speakers.
“Welcome at ‘Seventh Heaven’, where your dreams come true! We’re now beginning our twentieth evening here in Seoul and it’s all thanks to you! Enjoy the dancing and don’t forget to praise the girls!”
The music resumed its volume and the dark red velvet curtain at the end of the platform opened up to reveal a young girl, dressed in a silvery gown and with her face covered by a mask.
The customers started to clap at her, while she slowly walked to the pole. Then she began dancing and when he saw what she was doing, Yi Jeong leaned against his armchair, crossing his legs.
“So this is a strip club.” he said, matter-of-factly.
“Not only.” Woo Bin was clearly furious and Yi Jeong could see he was violently clenching his fists.
“Look at the panel hanging just above the curtain.”
Yi Jeong raised his gaze and suddenly understood the reason his friend was so angry. The dark panel was flashing with green numbers, constantly raising.
“It’s an auction.” He realised, keeping his voice low. “This is the function of the buttons on the armchair… the customers here are buying the dancers.”
“Prostitution. These girls are prostitutes.” Woo Bin’s voice was pure steel. Even if he was used to underground businesses, like drugs and similar things, Woo Bin always hated prostitution and vowed to eradicate it whenever he met it.
The clapping in the club was raising its volume, while the girl was stripping and dancing with the pole and the panel stopped counting a minute before the girl, almost totally naked, ended her performance, retiring behind the velvet curtain.
“Do you want to go out?” Yi Jeong asked his best friend, but Woo Bin shook his head.
“You can go if you want to, but I must stay all night. I have to count the girls, take a note of how much they are getting sold for and make a full report to my father tomorrow. I will burn this filthy club to the foundation, I swear.”
“I’ll stay with you.” Yi Jeong whispered him.
Girl after girl, drink after drink, Yi Jeong and Woo Bin stayed in the club, and the mafia prince mood grew darker as time went by. There was a certain progression in the performances, they could tell. The first girl was clearly a beginner and the level of experience, like the green numbers on the panel, was raising as they were nearing the closing time.
When the last girl went out, the audience suddenly quietened down and the music lowered as well.

A long leg appeared behind the curtain and the last girl of the evening came out met by the roar of the customers of the club.
She was wearing a red dress, her long dark hair were curled on her shoulders and her mask was resembling a beautiful butterfly.
As soon as she begun dancing, Yi Jeong and Woo Bin knew she was the queen of the club. The green numbers were raising like crazy and even if she was moving languidly, almost lazily, the two men couldn’t stop watching her. There was a sensuality in her that wasn’t vulgar but refined and the way she was slowly undressing made both of them hold their breath.
She wasn’t tall, but she was slender and even if she wasn’t a model, her curves were soft and delicate, like her skin appeared to be.
Her performance was longer than the other ones and the money kept raising until the end, when she finally disappeared behind the curtain with a last, sensual movement.
After some moments, Woo Bin signaled Yi Jeong they could go.

Out in the cold air of the night, the two men slowly breathed in, walking to their cars.
“I must collect more informations.” Woo Bin stated, his eyes on flame. “The club is selling the girls out in the open, which means the owner is really stupid or really dangerous. Given the way the club works, I suppose he’s the second type. He must have bought the police already, this means he’s rich and from the look of the club, it’s not the first time he opened up a similar activity. I have to discover who we are dealing with. And then I’ll kick his ass out of my town. And out of my country too.”
And, for the first time, Yi Jeong looked at his companion with a twinge of fear.
The familiar Woo Bin, the fun friend, his buddy when it came to drink and women had completely disappeared.
In his place was Prince Song, the future King of Korean Mafia.
And he was livid.

Chapter 2


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