Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Her lips are soft under his and he takes his time to savour them, to finally satisfy the need to kiss her, to feel her so close. Ga Eul doesn’t stop fighting of course, but he pushes her to the wall, not allowing her to move too much. One hand is still grasping her neck, while the other goes to her chin, cupping her cheeks, forcing her to open her mouth for him.
Yi Jeong groans when finally their tongues met and his hands let her go for just a second, before embracing her with all the strenght he has.
She’s so sweet and warm he just can’t let her go, he needs to touch her, to keep kissing her, until she finally stops moving and just stays there, her eyes tightly shut. He finally releases her, leaning his forehead to hers and catching his breath.
When he tries to guide her back to the bedroom, Ga Eul resists, but Yi Jeong just grabs her arm again and drags her with him.
Inside, he locks the door and the key goes to his pocket, keeping company to the one of his main door. If she wants them, she will have to come get them.
There she is, the angel trapped in the devil den.

His back on the door, he starts undoing his tie and when he’s done, he drops it on the floor. His jacket and vest soon follows, while Ga Eul freneticly looks around his room, probably searching for something to defend herself. He was expecting it, when he sees her spring to the door in the opposite end of the room and he reaches her soon after she opens it, revealing a large bathroom.
“Do you want to take a shower, Ga Eul yang?” he teases her, holding her tightly against him. “Maybe we could do that together… later.”
With the same key he used before, he locks the bathroom too. After all, there are some offensive tools in it, and he doesn’t want to take any risk.
“That was the last door and this room has no windows. Where are you planning to escape now?” he asks, releasing her. She moves away from him, while Yi Jeong starts unbuttoning his shirt. He would appreciate if she did it, but he will keep that for the next time.
“Don’t.” Ga Eul says, looking at him straight in the eye, trying to ignore the shirt now on the floor. She’s pale but she doesn’t look frightened and her voice is a warning and not a plead. “Let me go, and I will forget all of this. Don’t do something you will regret tomorrow.”
“I would regret letting you go.” his answer is so husky she almost can’t hear it. “I want to taste you again. All of you. You taste so good I can’t have enough.”
“Yi Jeong sun…”
He reaches her, cutting her in half the sentence and silencing her with another kiss, so abrupt that Ga Eul starts fighting only after some moments. It’s not easy because she doesn’t want to touch his bare skin and yet she can’t avoid it, now that his shirt is off. Her touch on him feels so good he feels like drowning into an ocean of pleasure.
“I like it when you call my name.” he tells her when he finally lets her go. “I want to hear that again tonight. I want you to scream it.”
And then he kisses her again, and again, forcing her to go to the bed, ignoring her stifled moans of protest, until they are back on his silk sheets and this time Yi Jeong has no intention of getting up.
Ga Eul keeps trying to stop him, she digs her nails on his shoulders but when she tries to slap him, he parries the blow, firmly holding her wrist.
“Don’t ever try it again.” he threatens her, before letting her go.
It’s almost over, Yi Jeong knows it. He’s taller than her, and heavier and she’s starting to weaken under him. The look in her eyes is more and more desperate as she understands he won’t stop, he won’t let her go.
He bends down to her, kissing her neck while his hands are under her sweater and he finally manages to pull it off, discovering the white shirt underneath.
With what probably are her last reserves of strenght, Ga Eul pushes him away and tries to get up, but he grabs her waist, pulling her down again to him and turning to the side, until her back is pressed against his chest. She suddenly freezes when she feels his hand under her skirt, on her thigh.
“Stop it.” he whispers in her ear. “Surrender to me.”

Yi Jeong goes up, on the edge of her stocking and starts pulling it down, uncovering her skin. He feels her panties under his fingers, and it takes all of his self control to keep undressing her slowly instead of tearing everything off and just take her there and then. “I don’t want to ruin any of your clothes, so just stand still, or your stockings will rip off.”
Maybe it’s really over now, he thinks. Maybe feeling his fingers on her legs was the last blow and she now knows she can’t avoid it anymore.
Ga Eul just shivers under his touch, her eyes shut, but she doesn’t move as he gets up to tug her stockings off and drop them on the floor.
Now her legs are bare under the skirt but before touching her again, he wants her shirt to be off the way too, to feel her naked skin against his.
Yi Jeong straddles her, turning her on the back, but the moment he tries to touch her shirt, she starts fighting again raising up to an almost sit position and stretching her open hands, like she wants to scratch him. He manages to seize her hands before her nails reach his face and there she is, slightly raised above the bed, her angry gaze on him.
He gets hold of her hands with one of his own and the other one goes on her waist, tugging the shirt off the skirt.
She’s furious, he can tell, and seems like she hasn’t accepted her defeat yet. But she will.
His hand slids under the shirt, but when she tosses again, he lets go of her, crashing down on her mouth and forcing her down on the sheets. One hand on her waist, the other one under her neck, Ga Eul is trapped. She can feel her shirt raising and the touch of his fingers on her stomach as well as the forceful tongue that is exploring her mouth when he suddenly stops kissing her, taking advantage of the moment to make her shirt slide down her arms.
She only has her bra now and she blushes against her will when her naked skin comes into contact with his. He gathers her in his arms, kissing her again, pressing his chest against her breast, groaning again.
She’s driving him crazy and she’s not even fully naked yet.
Unable to stop himself, he reaches for her skirt and pull it off with a swift movement, leaving Ga Eul with her underwear. She tries to turn to the side with a low moan and Yi Jeong lets her do what she wants, getting off the bed and unbottoning his pants. Just a few moments later he’s on her again, and she shivers feeling his body so close to hers, with almost no barriers left. She keeps her eyes shut, refusing to watch him, refusing to acknowledge what he’s doing to her, even when she feels him unclasping her bra and
tossing it aside. She bits her lips when his hands cup her breast, fondling her with strenght while his mouth places hot and wet kisses all over her neck, slowly heading down. He suckles every inch of skin he can reach and as he closes on her nipple, she has to catch her breath to prevent a moan to escape her lips.
She doesn’t want to yield, Yi Jeong thinks with anger. Her body betrays her, showing him she likes what he’s doing, but she refuses to give in or beg him to stop, she doesn’t want to cry or to show her fear or her pleasure.
Let’s see if you can still play iron woman now, he grins as he suddenly slips a hand between her legs. Ga Eul freezes, her face flaring up.
Enjoying every emotion he can see on her face, Yi Jeong grabs her bottom, feeling its softness and gets rid of her panties, leaving her naked near him. He wants her so badly that it hurts, but he wants her to surrender before. He wants her to acknowledge him, to admit she can’t ignore him anymore. He quickly gets off the bed, reaching for a drawer on his left and the sheer sight of her within his silk sheets is almost enough to send him over the edge. He never thought she could have so much power over him. Then he’s back on the bed, this time with a protection on, because he feels the moment is near. Just not yet. He still has something to do.
She’s burning hot under his fingers when he starts to stroke her between her legs and he likes the sight of her hands clenching into fists, when she tries not to moan. Her eyes are still closed as he keeps on with his caresses and her body has a violent trembling when he suckles her nipple again, rubbing his tongue against her.
“You still won’t yield, will you?” he whispers on her breast, daring her to answer. When she doesn’t, he just grins against her skin and moves south, leaving a trail of kisses on her stomach. When Ga Eul understands what he’s doing, it’s too late. Her eyes burts open as she feels his mouth between her legs and she can’t avoid her back to arch, before collapsing on the bed again. With a low rattle, she tries to get free and turn to a side, but he doesn’t let her, firmly keeping her in place.

It’s like a race, and she feels she’s loosing it but she can’t let him win either. She can’t avoid her body to shiver or to respond to what he’s doing, but she will never moan, she will never surrender.
After what seems an eternity, he moves up again, leaving the spot between her legs and going all the way up to her neck, while his hands get hold of her thighs, lifting them up as he glides on her. When he can look at her again, he smirks. “You’re trying too hard sweetheart. Just give in. I know you like this.”
She still doesn’t answer, but this time she can’t avoid to let out a loud cry of pain as she feels him thrusting inside her.
“I finally hear your voice again.” he murmurs, trying to keep a hold of himself and let her time to adjust to him. He always wanted to hurt her, but he wants her to like it too, because he knows she will hate herself for that. He never imagined it would be like this, to be with her. She’s warm and soft and it looks like she was created to be the perfect match for him.
After a while, he can’t hold back anymore and he thrusts in her again, and then again, faster and faster, his own groans mixed with her cries of pain, anger and pleasure.
And when she finally digs her nails in his back, pressing her head back in the pillow, he comes as well with a last, hard thrust before collapsing over her.
A wide grin spreads on his face as he slowly catches his breath.
He has won.
She belongs to him now.

Chapter 3


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