Playing with Fire

A spin-off from “I will rip your wings off”

Summary: Yi Jeong is determined to make Ga Eul see hell. He won’t stop. He just can’t.
But will he regret it? Will Ga Eul really burn in the fire or will she discover she is the fire, after all?

Categories: Boys Over Flowers > Yi Jeong/Ga Eul
Beta’d: Self-Beta’d
Genre: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Dubious Consent, Lemons (Extreme Smut), Violence

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of
their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the
author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers
of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Notes:
Just a spin-off of my other fic, starting from chapter 7. It never happened and it will never happen (well, I think).
Dark. Very dark. Not for the faint hearted.
Rated NC-17 for sex content.
You have been warned!

Yi Jeong is lowering down to her, his body pressing Ga Eul down on the bed to stop her from moving. She feels so good he can’t believe he waited so long to do something like this. Her lips are there, exposed, his to take and savour, but when she turns her face to not be kissed, Yi Jeong just chuckles and goes to her neck, carefully avoiding her soft skin and enjoying the silkiness of her hair instead. He really likes its cherry scent, it’s sweet and yet strong, like her.
She is different, he knows that, even though he tried to deny it for a long time. His usual conquests are silly girls, in love with his good look, his money and his social status. Though they all cries when he leaves them, he knows they are despairing over the loss of a good bed mate, and not on broken heart.
Ga Eul yang is another world. She’s pure and yet stubborn, charming and yet shy and she never cared about the material benefit that follows being with him. Her only sin is having tried to change him, to stand above him. To look at him with those wide eyes that always seem to dig into his soul. She has seen too many of his weaknesses, something he can’t allow. He needs to remind her who’s boss.
And he wants her. God, he really does.
He notes that she finally stopped fighting, and he slightly regrets it, because the feeling of her body pressing against his trying to break free was really exciting. But there will be plenty of that tonight. He can wait.
His right hand reaches the end of her sweater and slids under it, lifting up her shirt too and finally touching the bare skin of her waist. She’s so warm, so soft, against his cold fingers. He just brushes against her, resisting the urge to suddenly go up to her breast. Not yet. There is one thing he wants to do before starting to really undress her.
Yi Jeong raises up his gaze again, the lust almost taking control over him. He wants to kiss her. He won’t allow her to turn her face again. He will claim those lips, force them to open and play with her tongue until they will be both out of breath.

“You really are a coward then.” Ga Eul whispers on his lips before he can finally touch hers.
Yi Jeong stops, slightly moving away and just looking at her. Her eyes are full of disgust, like he’s some kind of bug crawling over her. Is she trying to distract him by insulting him? Does she really think he will stop just with this?
Poor Ga Eul yang. She needs to think again. But let’s give her the impression he’s withdrawing. It will be more fun and he needs a minute to fix some things, anyway.
He slowly lets go of her hands that he has pinned over her head before, still staring at her and forces his body to relax. He likes what he sees: even though Ga Eul’s face is carefully neutral, he can feel her relief and that amuses him. She’s so easily tricked… no wonder she ends up crying in the middle of the streets.
But that was before. Now he’s sure Ga Eul is stronger, bolder. And this is what is making him go crazy.
That challenging look in her eyes, her spiteful words. Yi Jeong can say that this new Ga Eul is partly his creature and he’s proud of what she has become, but she has gone over the line that night. She will soon learn she can’t get away with it so easily. She dared to insult him, and he never allowed anyone to walk away with no revenge.
Yi Jeong slowly gets up from the bed, then turns around to mask a grin and walks out without looking back.
When he comes back, he finds her out of the bedroom, in his workshop. She turned on the light and she’s busy with her phone. Maybe she’s texting someone. Damn, he forgot the phone. He reaches her and grabs the phone, to look at it: yes, she was texting Jan Di who asked her if she was already sleeping since she was so tired. Seems like Ga Eul didn’t send the reply yet. After deleting it, he checks her call log, and finds out she didn’t call anyone. Good.
“Give me my phone back!” she demands stretching out her hand but he simply shuts it off, taking the battery away.
Then he goes back to the door of his workshop and locks it, putting the keys back in his pocket.
“What are you doing?” she asks. She’s angry and he likes it. Soon she’ll be begging him and he will like it even more.
“I just closed the door of course.” he replies grinning at her.
“Open it. I want to go home!”
He takes a step towards her but she stays still. Feeling brave uh? We’ll soon see how brave you are, sweet Ga Eul yang.
“Yes I know you want to go. But the fact is, you won’t. Not tonight.”
“Are you crazy? My parents will start looking for me everywhere if I’m not back in an hour!”
“They won’t. I just sent my chaffeur to your home, to let your family know you will spend the night with your crazy F4 friends, who just kidnapped you for one of their sudden parties.”
“They would never allow it!” she protests.
“Yes, they will, like they did when you went to New Caledonia with us. And isn’t it better that your parents aren’t worried? They will sleep peacefully tonight.”
Unlike you. You probably won’t sleep at all.
She finally realises Yi Jeong isn’t joking and she doesn’t look so sure anymore.
“You can’t be serious about this.” she’s confused. Maybe she can’t believe it.
“But I am.” he takes another step in her direction and this time she steps back. Good, she’s starting to understand.
“Ga Eul yang, do you know what they say about playing with fire?” he keeps walking, his hands in his pockets, casual like he’s talking about the weather.
“Come to your senses sunbae.” her voice is cautios now. Is it a warning? She sure has guts. “You’re not like this. You can have all the women you want, so why do you want to do something like that to me? Just go outside and find someone willing.”
Yi Jeong is really enjoying this. She keeps stepping back, aware that she will soon meet the wall, but he suddenly stops moving when she grabs a bowl from the table and holds it like a weapon.
“Don’t come closer.”
That’s one of his last works and the word “last” painly lingers in his thoughts. He will never mould clay again. If she destroys that bowl, he will never be able to replace it.
A sudden anger fills him and he decides that the game is over.
He bolts to her, snatching the bowl from her grasp and putting it back on the table. She gasps from his sudden proximity and tries to get away, but it’s too late.
He grabs her by an arm, his eyes glowing with wrath and desire. “Wrong move Ga Eul yang.”
“Let me go.” she hisses in his face, like she did earlier. She still doesn’t want to surrender and this just arouses him more.
“I won’t let you go. Not tonight, maybe not even tomorrow. That depends on how long it will take to grow bored of you.”
“Who do you think you are to dispose of me like that?” her voice is full of disdain, her eyes on fire. She’s beautiful. “Touch me and I’ll tell it to all the media I can get my hands on.”
Yi Jeong starts laughing and pushes her to the wall, step by step. “You’re clever my dear country bumpkin, but you’re forgetting who you’re dealing with. My lawyers would just sue you and your family would be stripped of everything you ever owned. Your father and mother would loose their jobs, you wouldn’t have a house anymore and worst of all, you would be publicy branded as liar. This mistake would haunt you for the rest of your life.”
“You bastard.” she utters, still trying to break free from his grasp. His hands tighten on her shoulders, keeping her pinned on the wall and he bends to her.
“I told you I can be low. I bet you’re wishing to have listened to me now.”
Their faces are now really close and eyes full of lust intertwines with eyes glowing with anger.
“This will be familiar to you, so I trust you to make the right choice: we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but I’ll get what I want. If you stop struggling, I’m sure you will enjoy it. If not, I will be the only one to like this. But I won’t stop Ga Eul yang. I won’t disappear like a nightmare. I’m here and I’m here to stay. Like you.”
Her answer is instanct, she doesn’t need to think about it. She’s pale and on the verge of crying, not out of fear, but out of pain. Her heart is shattering, she still can’t believe what is happening, that the guy she likes and treasures, the guy she wanted to smile, is ready to do something so horrible to her. Without any hesitation.
“Go on then, if this is really what you want. But I won’t yield to you, ever. And you will regret it. I swear you will.”
One last flash of wrath enlightens his eyes when he hears her threat, then his hand grabs her neck and an handful of her silky hair, forcing Ga Eul to lift her gaze to him.
“We’ll see.”
And Yi Jeong comes down to finally claim the mouth that just vowed to never surrender.
He will brand her tonight, he will teach her who she belongs to. She will be his, whenever he wants from that night on.
She will be his.

Chapter 2


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