Chapter 04

Chapter 3

Yi Jeong was definitely hungry. In his rush to leave the lounge he had totally forgotten the reason why he was there in the first place, which was to have dinner with his friends.
He always hated eating alone, since he was a child. His father was almost never home, and his mother soon stopped having lunch and dinner with him and his brother, too busy crying over her miserable life to care about her children.
Sometimes he pitied her, sold by her family to a man who always refused to love her, forced to endure a life she would have never choosen and lonely. That was probably the reason he couldn’t just let her down: she was alone, her eldest son abandoned the family and Yi Jeong was the only one left.
Over the years he had come to realise that no matter what, he loved his mother. It was devastating for his sanity, but he didn’t want her to suffer. If his help in chasing his father everytime she threatened to hurt herself, could give her the feeling of still having a family, someone who cared for her, he knew he wouldn’t stop. And yet he tried to resist everytime, hoping his mother would understand it was useless and stop hurting herself and him.
As much as he loved her, he couldn’t help but think she was to blame too for that absurd situation: nobody ever compelled her to shut herself in her room, forgetting all her past interests and living like a prisoner in her own house. She could have found joy in her life, even with a broken marriage.
Sometimes he wondered if the same horrible life awaited the wife in his future too. Like he told Jun Pyo, stuff like love and innocence were never meant for them. His wife was going to receive all the money and luxury she wanted, but probably never his heart. That was for Eun Jae and she discarded it three years ago.
And still, even thinking about his miserable mother, he couldn’t bring himself to be a better man. His wife was just going to endure a life with him and try to be happy by herself. He just hoped she would never send their children to get him, like his mother did with his father.
Yi Jeong shook his head, chasing those thoughts away. It was useless and he didn’t need that gloomy kind of feeling now.
Lazily watching outside from the back seats of his family car, he suddenly spotted a familiar glimpse of red: a closer look confirmed that the girl walking down the street was indeed Ga Eul yang, probably on her way home after her shift in the porridge shop.
Well, why not, Yi Jeong thought. “See you tomorrow” he told her the day before. Now it was tomorrow.
Dinner was a good way to start their bet, he wanted to study her a bit before striking home. And he was hungry.

“Sunbae?” she asked when he got out of the car to her surprise.
“Hello.” he smiled. She looked tired, judging by her face and sleepy eyes. Maybe it had been a hard day of work for her. He almost felt guilty at the thought of stopping her from going home, but he really wanted some company for dinner and, after all, a tired Ga Eul was an easier Ga Eul to manage.
“Ga Eul yang, would you like to join me for dinner?” he asked offering her his hand.
“Uh, sunbae… I’m really tired to be honest, and I was going home early tonight.” Dinner out wasn’t in her plans, not that night. After their chat the night before she almost couldn’t sleep and now all she wanted was her warm bed.
But then he smiled again and looked at her with the full force of his charcoal black eyes.
“Please? The others are busy and I hate eating alone.”
She was going to accept, he was sure of it. Show a nice girl a minor weakness while looking in her eyes and she will do her best to help you, even when she doesn’t want to.
“Well, ok then… but just dinner. I’m really tired. And let’s go to some simple restaurant please, I’m dressed too casual for a high class one.” She sighed a bit. See you later, dear bed. But then again, this was So Yi Jeong and it was hard to refuse him anything, especially when he was looking at her with those pleading eyes.
“Of course! And after dinner, I’ll bring you home. Thank you Ga Eul yang.”

Yi Jeong 1 – Ga Eul 0. Nice one Yi Jeong.

Much to his surprise, dinner with her was very pleasant. He planned courting her a bit while eating, but he found himself forgetting all his schemes and enjoying dinner instead. She was a good talker, and soon they were exchanging anecdotes about their childhood, Jan Di and the F3. Ga Eul learnt that his first crush was Jun Pyo’s sister and that Jun Hee declared he looked too frail to be able to love and protect her. On the other hand, she confessed sending a letter to her first crush, written on pink paper and full of little hearts,
just to have it read out aloud to the rest of class. Of course the kid in question ended up nose bleeding, courtesy of Jan Di.
All in all, he didn’t have such a nice dinner with a girl in a long time, laughing and chatting.
Maybe his good mood was the reason he didn’t take a look on the caller ID when his phone rang.
Ga Eul sensed the mood change immediately. They were smiling while eating the dessert and suddenly his face went pale, his smile faded and his eyes looked down in pain.
“I’m busy.” she heard him say. “I told you I won’t do it! Stop it please. I said stop! Ok… ok.”
He hang up cursing under his breath and then looked at her. She was worried for him judging from her eyes, waiting to know what happened. But what could he tell her? “Don’t worry, it was just my suicidal mother sending me in another rescue mission for my unfaithful father”?
He had to send her home, now. She didn’t need to see what was going to happen. Or did she?
Yi Jeong stared at her, coldly. They had a nice time until now, and he could sense how much this was wrong. He wasn’t supposed to laugh with her, not whole-heartedly like he had. Smiles and laughs were supposed to be just a means to an end when he was with a woman, not something true.
Because of her simple presence he had forgotten one of his golden rules and this had lead him taking up his mother’s call. Way to ruin a perfect evening. But this wasn’t supposed to be a perfect evening in the first place, just a way to study her.
It was a closed circle and Yi Jeong couldn’t find the way out… all he knew, all he was sure of, was it was Ga Eul’s fault. She did it again. Making his life a living hell. Time to pay, then.

“Let’s go.” he told her, standing up. She looked at him, a question in her eyes, but she didn’t ask anything, just following him.
It was only when she noticed the car wasn’t heading to her home, that she turned to him again.
“Where are we going sunbae?” she hesitantly asked.
“To my workshop.” he was looking outside, his jaw clenched.
This time he turned to look at her, and she wished he hadn’t. His eyes were cold, and he had the wicked smile she knew so well on his lips. He was planning something unpleasant.
“I want to go home.” she tried.
“You’ll come with me first.”
“Take me home, sunbae!”
The car stopped at a crossroads, waiting for the green light and she decided to take the chance. Even though she knew Yi Jeong would never hurt her, she didn’t like to be taken to any place if she didn’t want to go.
Apparently she was too slow, because even before she could reach out for the handle, he grabbed her wrist with a steel grip.
“Don’t even think about that.” he quietly said, holding her.
“What are you doing? Let me go, now!” she tried to break free, but his other hand reached for the back of her neck, pulling her near him. Ga Eul held her breath, while her face turned a pale shade of red. They were too close, his eyes were too close, his face was too close, his lips were…
“Ga Eul yang.” he softly whispered, his eyes locked into hers “we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but you’ll come with me. Stop struggling.”

Never forget he’s a F4. Yi Jeong sunbae won’t put a red card in your locker, but that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous.
Jan Di’s warning echoed in her mind, while she stood perfectly still in his grasp.
“Yi Jeong sunbae… you’re scaring me.” she managed to murmur.
He looked at her shiny eyes bright with fear, her body trembling beneath his hands and felt an overwhelming urge to lean down and kiss her. Her face was so close he could smell the scent of her hair, her lips were calling him with a siren chant, and he knew it would only take a small move from him to claim them.
Yi Jeong struggled to keep control, feeling the need to crush down on her mouth grow stronger and stronger. He never wanted to kiss a girl so much.
Finally he released her, when the car started moving again. Ga Eul slowly moved away, finding that he was still holding her wrist.
“Remember that dating me was your idea.” he said, still staring at her, his voice tightly under control.
“You have to go through with it till the end, don’t you think?”
Ga Eul didn’t answer.

Chapter 5


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