Chapter 31

Chapter 30

Woo Bin was waiting, trying to calm down. Saying that he was furious would be an understatement, since he was well beyond that. He was murderous.
How dared she? How dared she to behave like that in front of him?
The Mafia Prince crossed his arms on his chest, leaning his head against the thick column outside the residence. That girl was incredible. He was sure she actually smirked at him while feeding Jun Pyo during the dinner. It was like telling him she didn’t give a damn about what he told her.
Oh, but if Monkey wanted to play that game, he would be sure to turn her into a sore loser. Nobody could defy him and hope to come out of it unharmed.

To think that he was so peaceful and happy when he went to Jun Pyo to have dinner: whatever bothered Yi Jeong in the last few days had obviously been taken care of because he was back at being his happy self with Ga Eul yang. Not that Yi Jeong told them  anything, but Woo Bin wasn’t stupid and the particular look in his friend’s eyes was impossible to miss. And of course the men he set to trail Ga Eul yang on Yi Jeong’s request, reported him the girl frequently went on dates with Yi Jeong.
His world was quiet and peaceful. And Monkey just had to ruin it.
Some girls walking by suddenly stopped when they saw him and whispered in each other ears, clearly excited to bump into one of the famous F4. For some reasons, Woo Bin grew even more irritated, looking at them; what was him, an attraction? Some strange animal, locked in a zoo? He was just waiting for a woman, to basically skin her alive.
One look was enough to make the girls run and Prince Song felt slightly better: someone was still obeying him.
“Weren’t you supposed to smile and go home with each one of them clinging at your  arms?”
The sudden question caught him by surprise and Woo Bin turned, to see an ironically smiling Jae Kyung some steps away. How did she manage to sneak up on him that way?
“They weren’t that pretty.” He answered, keeping his coolness. “Besides, I was waiting for you.”
“What a honour. Keep it short, Yo-Man, I want to go to sleep.”
Woo Bin clenched his fists, silently reminding himself that she was a woman and he didn’t hit women.
“Don’t push it too far, Monkey. I could forget one of my basic rules and actually be rude.”
“Oh, now I’m really scared.” The irritating girl was smiling! Woo Bin grabbed his car keys and deliberately turned his back on her, trying to keep control.
“Come with me.”
It took only some steps to acknowledge the fact she was not following him. He turned again, realizing she was still in her place, one arm on her waist, her eyebrows lifted.
“I really don’t know who you think you are, Yo-Man, but nobody orders me around.”
“Ah, that’s fine by me.” He went back to her, a steel look in his eyes. “Then I suppose you won’t care if the whole district listens to what I’m going to tell you. I’ll be very loud if you prefer, so they can better hear. If you’re lucky some media reporter is hiding in the bushes, ready to publish our whole argument in the morning newspaper. Would you like that, my dear Ha heiress?”
“You wouldn’t dare making a public scene for all to see.” Jae Kyung slowly replied, taken aback by his coldness.
“Try me. I can’t wait, Monkey.”
Her eyes narrowed as she clearly weighted her options and then she shrugged, taking some steps towards him. “Ok. Just for this time.”

So she had a weakness, Woo Bin thought while jumping in his Lotus and turning it on: Jae Kyung was afraid of being exposed to the public, she was afraid of threats. That was interesting.
“I suppose you weren’t expecting to find me at Jun Pyo’s home tonight.” He begun, to test the waters.
“It’s your friend, visit him to your heart content.” She was trying hard to show how  indifferent she was, but Woo Bin was trained to read people behaviour and Jae Kyung was shouting from hair to toes how tensed she was.
“Well, thank you Monkey, I couldn’t live without your approval.” He sarcastically replied. Play cool Monkey, I’ll destroy your facade piece by piece.
“Suit yourself.”
She was clearly trying to cut short every attempt to talk with her but Woo Bin wasn’t going to let her get away with it.
“From your behaviour, I get that you’re going to ignore what I told you last time?” He asked, driving the car outside Seoul. He had a very specific place in mind.
“How smart of you.” Her voice was carefully neutral and she was looking ahead, trying to understand where they were going.
“I thought you valued Jan Di’s friendship. I thought you cared about her.”
“I do. But I’m not going to let go.”
“And you still dare saying you care about her?”
Jae Kyung clenched her fists and Woo Bin innerly smiled. There’s the first crack, Monkey.
“Jan Di can still be happy, even without Jun. I can’t.” She said, her head high, fighting hard to not show the turmoil in her heart.
“What are you talking about? How can you think she’ll be happy anyway?” Prince Song was astonished. Was she crazy?
“Ji Hoo is in love with her.” Jae Kyung replied, more resolute this time. “He’s her perfect match, they complete each other. He’ll take care of her.”
Woo Bin stopped the car in the utter darkness of a country road and turned to her. “So this is your perfect plan? Marry Jun Pyo so that Jan Di will be forced to fall in love with Ji Hoo?”
“She won’t be forced to! It will happen naturally.”
“And of course Jun Pyo will fall in love with you after the wedding. And you’ll all live happily ever after.”
His voice was dripping so much sarcasm that Jae Kyung bit her lower lip and turned to Woo Bin, enraged.
“You’ll see! We will all need a little period of adjustement, but then we’ll be happy. Ji Hoo is perfect for Jan Di and I’ll make sure Jun loves me too!”
“And are you willing to bet the future happiness of three other people on your decision? What will you do if they are all terribly sad?”
Jae Kyung didn’t answer and Woo Bin sighed, unfastening his seat belt. “Come out Monkey. We arrived.”

There were no lights apart from the Lotus ones, no houses, nothing. Jae Kyung walked in the night, breathing the fresh air and following the Mafia Prince who was slowly moving away from his car’s lamps.
A scared part of her brain whispered her that she was alone with him on a country road, with no idea of what he had in mind. The situation screamed “danger” at every step.
“Come here.” He softly called her from the top of a hill and when she reached him, she opened her eyes wide, catching her breath. Under her there was a small artificial lake, surrounded by dark bushes and gently caressed by the night breeze. Its calm waters were dark but the moon perfectly reflected in there, showering the entire lake with its light.
“When the sky is clear, I always come here at night.” Woo Bin whispered at her side. “You can’t see anything like this in Seoul, there’s too much light. Here I’m alone with the moon and the stars. It’s peaceful, isn’t it?”
“It’s wonderful.” She agreed, not able to tear her gaze away from the quiet lake. “It’s like the whole sky is enclosed in the lake.”
“It’s a perfect place to think. So silent, nobody around.”
Woo Bin slip his hands in his pockets, still looking down. “You know, Jan Di was in love with Ji Hoo sometime ago.”
Jae Kyung turned to look at him, but his expression was unreadable in the moonlight.
“Ji Hoo was the first one of us she met. At that time, Jun Pyo hated Jan Di because she wasn’t showing him any respects and was actually defying him every day. It became a challenge, and Ji Hoo showed her kindness in the most needed moment. They had bad timing though. By the time Ji Hoo realized he was falling for her, Jan Di was already over him and in love with Jun Pyo.”
“You see, they have a connection.” Jae Kyung reasoned. “There were already in love once. It can happen again.”
“She could accept him maybe, but she won’t love him.” Woo Bin turned to her in the dark. “You can learn to live with someone, Monkey, but you can’t learn to love him just because you have no other choice. They had their chance and it won’t come back.”
“Says who?” She replied, raising her voice. “You? What can you know about relationships, Don Juan? I know your reputation, you’ve never been serious with anyone. You can’t know how I feel, or how this situation will develop. You’re just trying to scare me so I will give up the wedding!”
“Of course I am!” He shouted back, beginning to loose control. Damn that woman, she really didn’t want to understand. “You’re the only hope for Jan Di and Jun Pyo! You’re the only one who can break this stupid engagement! You’re the only chance I have to help my friend!”
“It’s not just a stupid engagement! It’s my life you’re talking about, my future! And I’ll be the one who decide what to do with it!”
Seeing red, Woo Bin suddenly tried to grab her by the arms, but she efficently dodged his hold and istinctively hit him right in the face.
Jae Kyung froze on the spot while Prince Song slowly massaged his cheek.
“Nice punch.” He commented, the blood boiling in his veins. She hit him. She dared raising her fists on him. “You’re trying very hard to make me forget I don’t hit women, Monkey.”
And Jae Kyung decided she had enough. Enough of him, of his speeches, of his threats. Years of Taekwondo came to her mind and she put on a defensive position.
“Do as you wish, Yo-Man, but this woman is going to beat the crap out of you, get the car keys and drive home leaving you here until some of your men comes to pick you up. I’m tired of you and maybe it’s time you understand I’m not someone you can charm with your smile or handle like a puppet.”
And she attacked.
Woo Bin wasn’t really thinking she would have dared to hit him again, so he fully received her kick, dodging one of her punches at the last moment.
“So you want to play.” The look in his eyes was very far from a playful one, but Jae Kyung didn’t pull back. “Let’s play Monkey.”

A kick.
A punch.
Going near the enemy just to fast withdraw before he can catch you.
She was fast, he had to admit that and she was very good too. Too bad he was just as good.
Woo Bin wasn’t really trying to hit her but just to immobilize her so that she would be at his mercy. She needed to understand who she was fighting against and the Mafia Prince was fully committed to the task. It took a long time, but he finally detected a slight weakness in her defense and went through it, forcing her to loose her balance and fall on the ground.
The girl didn’t even let out a cry, just trying to get up but it was too late. With a fast move, Woo Bin was there, pinning her hands on the ground and forcing her to stay still with his full weight.
“Nice little fight, Monkey.” He whispered, slowly catching his breath. “You’re rather good.”
“Years of practice.” She replied, still trying to break free.
“Stop that.” Woo Bin warned. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I’ll do it if I need. Just stay still.”
Her body was a soft one he realized holding her down and her eyes were even deeper now that he could take a good look at them. She was posively beautiful and the fast movements of her breath so close to his chest were making his heart beat faster.
“So what do you want to do now?” She defied him, forcing herself to look at him straight in the eyes. She didn’t like at all what she was feeling. She was afraid, she was humiliated and worst of all, she was excited.
He was so near she could feel him breathing and his legs were intertwined with hers to avoid further kicks. His expression, his deep, dark eyes were so serious she felt the sudden istinct to reach out and kiss him. Just like that.
“What I want to do?” He answered, not even knowing what to say. He certainly couldn’t tell her the wild images that were flashing his mind, all regarding him kissing her so fiercely that she would beg to breath again. What the hell was wrong with him?
“I want you to carefully listen and do as you’re told.” Woo Bin started again, trying to focus. “You’ll break this engagement and you’ll side with Jan Di. You’ll protect her against Jun Pyo’s mother and you’ll try to make her understand she can’t keep them apart. This is what I want.”
“And if I don’t?” Jae Kyung whispered, still gazing at him.
“If you don’t, I’ll tell Jun Pyo about our little chat.” His features hardened with the effort to keep talking and not just lowering to ravage her. “I’ll tell him you perfectly know everything and you’re deliberately chaining him and hurting Jan Di because you’re a selfish spoiled brat. Let’s see how much he’s going to love you, if he knows the truth.”
“You’re blackmailing me!” She exclaimed under him.
“You’re not fighting fair, Monkey, so I won’t either. And trust me, I’m a master of dirty playing.” Wrong choice of words, he realized as he saw her eyes widen even more and as his mind loudly complained at the new flow of images. Woo Bin let her go and stood up, offering her a hand which she didn’t took. Now that they weren’t at close contact, it was much better, she thought trying to calm down her heart.
Dirty playing eh? She knew what dirty tricks he had in mind, and they were not related to Jun Pyo. What really perplexed her, was that she wasn’t outraged at all. She was rather excited instead.
“You do realize that you condemn me this way, right?” She asked him, her voice slightly trembling. Damn, she hated herself for that. “I never had friends. I never had a place to stay. Now I have both and I have the possibility of a happy marriage too, and you’re trying to steal them all from me.”
Woo Bin shook his head looking at her rather seriously. “You will loose this all if you get married, Monkey. The rest of F4 will never like you, we will just endure your presence. Jan Di will suffer. Jun Pyo will hate you. Your home will be sad and empty. If you give up, we’ll all stay by your side and support you. You will have friends, loyal friends, you will have someone who cares about you. Making this choice is just up to you.”
And Jae Kyung slowly walked back to the car, not uttering a word for the whole drive home.

Later that night, Woo Bin received a text that made him think.
“We still have time before the wedding and I need it to sort things out. Will you be my friend in the meanwhile, to show me how it could be?”
To be friends with her. He knew he liked her enough to wish her happiness, she deserved it. But even while he was texting her back, he couldn’t avoid to think he was getting in something bigger than he thought at the beginning.
Did he just like her or did he Like her in a completely different way?

Chapter 32


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