Chapter 22

Chapter 21

Opening her eyes, Ga Eul didn’t immediately realize what was going on. She was laying on the side, comfortable and warmer than usual, but her lower belly was slightly aching. When she cautiously tried to move, she felt an arm restraining her by holding her waist and a soft pair of lips slowly kissing her shoulders, inch by inch.
“And where exactly did you think you were going?” A gentle voice teased her and the legs intertwined with hers pulled her closer.
Ga Eul closed her eyes again, letting the memories from the night before come flooding to her and a soft shade of pink colored her cheeks.
“Yi Jeong sunbae…” she murmured, reaching his hand with hers.
“I was waiting for you to wake up.” He replied, still kissing her.
“How long?”
“Too much time. But you can make up for that now.”
Ga Eul was about to ask “how” but she suddenly caught her breath when she felt one hand cupping one of her breast, while the other one slowly worked its way between her legs.
“See, I’m a generous guy…” he whispered in her ear, while touching her. “You left me hanging here while peacefully sleeping and I am still kind enough to grant you a nice awakening.”
“Really nice of you…” she replied slightly panting and feeling his arousal against her back.
When she arched backwards to meet it, Yi Jeong stifled a groan against her shoulders, feeling his hunger for her deepen.
Chu Ga Eul really is a witch, was his last thought before shutting down his mind once more and claiming her again.

It was almost lunch time when they finally managed to get out of the bed and just because both of them really needed to use the bathroom.
Just to be on the safe side, Ga Eul locked the door before going into the shower, not knowing how to react to his playful remark that he would have joined her in there.
She felt like she had opened the Pandora’s box the night before. Kiss after kiss, caress after caress, she realized they seemed to never have enough of each other. They had tried three times to get out of the bed, but each time they just ended up cuddling again, sometimes passionately kissing, sometimes just holding each other.
It was really embarrassing, but she knew that after the previous night nothing would ever be the same. She was changed forever. His touch, his kisses had awakened something in her, a side she had never knew and she was a little scared, to be honest. She never thought of her as sexy or able to attract a certain kind of man, and now So Yi Jeong, the Casanova, F4 biggest playboy, was in her house, in her bed and in her heart.
But the most amazingly part, she was sure his heart was hers too. How could she doubt after everything he had said and done?
“So Yi Jeong and Chu Ga Eul.” She murmured, drying up after the shower.
It sounded so right. And yet so wrong.
Opening the door she found herself wrapped in a warm embrace and smiled feeling his lips gently brushing her neck.
“Are you hungry sunbae?”
“Of you? Always.”
She chuckled and leaned her head against his shoulders. “You know, we have to go in a while. I have a shift at the porridge shop this afternoon and tonight my parents are coming home.”
“Can’t they extend their holidays?” He asked and she stifled a laughter because his voice was dangerously near to whining.
“You know, commoners have to work during the week… and tomorrow is Monday. My parents were just away for the week-end.”
“Do they go away often?”
“Actually yes, they like to spent some days with my mother’s aunt and since she’s quite old, she enjoys the company and is always happy to have them with her for the week-end.”
“I like your parents dedication to family!” He replied enthusiastically and this time she couldn’t control her laughter anymore.
“Hey!” He protested when she disentangled from his embrace, still laughing and pushing him in the bathroom.
“I’ll go get dressed… suit yourself in the bath, sunbae.”
She was still chuckling when she closed the door.

Leaving her wasn’t easy, mostly because he knew they couldn’t meet until the next day, unless he went to visit her at the porridge shop and he wasn’t too comfortable with that thought, knowing Geum Jan Di would be there, demanding an explanation and ready to kick him.
They had decided to tell her and his friends, it was necessary. They needed all the help they could get and this wasn’t the time to be secretive. Well, they weren’t planning of telling them they had slept together, firstly because Yi Jeong didn’t want anybody to think Ga Eul was an easy girl or that he was treating her like one of his previous conquests, and second because he didn’t yearn to be killed by Jan Di’s spinning kick .
Ga Eul was about to open her house door, when a sudden twinge of fear hit him and he hugged her tightly.
“Ga Eul yang, promise me.” He whispered. “Whatever happens, whatever anybody will tell you, promise me you won’t leave me.”
“Sunbae…” her hands circled his waist and she would have risen her gaze to him, had his hands not been plunged in her hair, pressing her head against his shoulder.
“It won’t be easy. There will be threats. My grandfather will do anything in his power to frighten you and make you leave me. He can disinherit me as well, like he did with my brother, but it would be a huge scandal and he hates them. So you’re his best shot.”
Yi Jeong cupped her face, his black eyes full of concern. “Promise me you won’t let him scare you. Promise me you will tell me if he tries anything. Promise me you will never lie to me, promise me you will allow me and the guys to help you. Promise me you won’t let your pride prevent you from asking for help.”
Ga Eul didn’t smile because she knew it wouldn’t help. He was scared and he was probably right. Jan Di was the perfect example of how the elite class could ruin a commoner’s life and she wasn’t looking forward to suffer the same pain. And still it was worth it, for him. She was ready to face the Devil himself if needed, to keep him by her side.
“I’ll try not to let anybody intimidate me. I can’t say I’m not scared after what happened to Jan Di, but I won’t let my fears or yours get in our way. I already told you sunbae, I won’t return you. I’m yours and you’re mine and I won’t let anybody change that.”
Yi Jeong bent down to kiss her, but she put a finger on his lips stopping him.
“Now promise me the same thing.” She asked, her eyes deeply chained with his. “Promise me you won’t let your family set us apart. Promise me you won’t lie to me and you won’t leave me, not even to save me from your grandfather. Promise me you won’t turn into your father, promise me you won’t push me away.”
He didn’t reply right away, just looking at her with that troubled expression and she waited patiently, feeling the inner battle within him.
Then Yi Jeong sighed and smiled at her.
“Just like Jun Pyo said… you’re made of steel and fire. You won’t let anybody break you, will you?”
He hugged her again, holding her with an almost bruising force and he whispered in her ear. “I promise you. Whatever happens, I will never leave you, I will never push you away.”
“Really?” she murmured back, her heart beating faster.

She hugged him back and smiled against his shoulder. “Good.”
This time when he bent down to kiss her and seal their deal, she didn’t pull back.

Chapter 23


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