Chapter 13

Chapter 12

Yi Jeong cupped her face, pressing his lips on hers, and pushing her to the wall. She did her best to keep her mouth shut, but he didn’t try to deepen the kiss, just savouring her lips and completely ignoring her protests, knowing she was trapped between himself and the wall.
He was feeling like eating her alive. Her lips were everything he ever dreamt of and something more, soft and sweet and warm.
But he wanted more. He wanted the whole package, and then he would have moved to her neck, breathing in her hair and then he would have unbottoned her blouse and then…
With a groan he tightened his grip on her, deciding he couldn’t stand anymore to not fully taste her and he slightly opened his mouth, ready to use his lips to open hers.
When Ga Eul felt the light brushing of his tongue against her lips, her already spinning head threatened to black out but when she realised that something really hard was pressing on her body, the blood rushing to her cheeks finally managed to give her the strenght needed to push him aside and swiftly move away a few steps, her eyes wide open.
“What was that?” she asked in shock. She didn’t even know what she was talking about. The kiss or that “something else” ?
“Something I should have done quite some time ago.” his dark gaze was on her, and Ga Eul stepped automatically back when she saw him walking to her, her head still spinning.
“And what are you doing back here? Didn’t you just go away?” she had to keep him talking, she had to come back to her senses. She had to stop seeing all those colored dots or she would have fallen on the floor!
“I changed my mind.”
He didn’t know why he had come back. Before he knew what he was doing, he had found himself parked outside her house again, still so angry he wanted to hit something, to scream, to break everything in sight. And he wanted her, more than anything. He wanted to rip that skirt off, to shred her blouse, to bite and mark her and drown in her body, breathing in her moans.
Nobody but his F4 friends knew about his family and that was only because when they were sixteen Jun Pyo had been with him when he received one of his mother’s calls and Yi Jeong hadn’t been able to dodge his questions. Or his punches.
And now he had blabbed it all to Ga Eul, just out of anger.
It was her fault again, how could she have that much power over him? He needed to break free of her, he needed to break the spell to recover his sanity. And he only knew one way of doing it.
Masking his inner turmoil Yi Jeong decided to take the easy way. Dragging her around was fun, but for once, he wanted her to come to him. He wanted to see the look in her eyes at the end of their little cat-mouse game.
He kept walking slowly, like he had all the time in the world, until he reached the living room. The house was of course really small compared to what he was used to, that living room was not even big enough to be his bedroom but the couch in there seemed really comfortable. He entered the living room leaving a very surprised Ga Eul behind and he just sat on the couch, crossing his legs and looking totally relaxed.
Not knowing what to think, but feeling more clear headed now that he wasn’t so close to her anymore, she entered the room staying near the wall and looking at him from there. He really was in her house, as handsome as usual and it really didn’t seem like he just confessed such a messed up family. How could he be so quiet after what he had just done?
He burst into her house and then he kissed her and now he was sitting down, like he was ready to watch TV. He just kissed her! And she felt how much aroused he was! Just the thought was enough to bring a deep pink to her cheeks again. And now he was there, looking so unaffected when she was so tensed?
Angry again, she marched towards him and stopped just in front of the potter, but before she could say even one word he made his move, quickly grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards him.
With a stifled cry of alarm, she landed in his arms and the second after she was laying on the couch, his body pressed on hers and his face so near that she could feel him breathing. And yes, that rigid bulge was still there.
“And now you’re exactly where I wanted you.” Yi Jeong whispered, staring at her intently. Yes, he was right. The look in her eyes was priceless.
“You tricked me!” she cried outraged.
“Of course I did.” He chuckled. “You should know that by now. I’m not afraid of tricks.”
“And now?” she challenged him. “Shall we make a remake of that night?”
“Nothing happened that night.” he whispered lowering his face. “Maybe now…”
Ah no, not this time, So Yi Jeong! The anger for being tricked swept away the embarassment and the next words came naturally on her lips.
“Will it always be like this?” she never left his eyes, a hint of disdain in her voice “Will you always open up to me, just to make me pay for it afterwards?”
“What are you talking about?” he stopped moving, apalled by her words. That really looked like a remake to him. That night too she had stopped him from kissing her just by talking. Why was he always listening? He should just ignore her and do what he wanted. He never could though, and he couldn’t understand the reason.
“That night you hugged me after beating your father, you showed me your weakness. Tonight you told me about your family. And after both times… well, look at us.”
He abruptly let her go, his heart beating faster and it wasn’t lust this time. It was fear. That amazing girl really knew where to hit.
And she wasn’t done yet. “You’re trying to put me back in my place, you need to have power over me. But you can trust me. You should know that.”
Yi Jeong sprang up, followed by her, his fists clenched. “You’re talking nonsense.”
“Sunbae, you know I’m not. You’re just withdrawing behind your self-built walls.”
Slowly, watching his every move, she stepped back, moving away from him.
“But this time I won’t let you run away.”
What was she talking about? He moved towards her, watching her as she backed off step by step.
When he realised what she was going to do, his eyes opened wide. She couldn’t be so bold. He bolted to the door of the apartment but she was already there, locking it and hiding the keys in the small pocket of her coat. It was her turn to trick him.
“I’m gonna have my answers tonight.”

“Ga Eul yang, have you lost your mind?” he was astonished. She just locked them in her house with nobody but them, nobody to rescue her, after he burst in and kissed her and after he tricked her on that couch. She knew what he wanted. Could that possibly be an invite?
“I’m very clear headed. You’re not going to escape, not this time.” her heart was actually pumping like crazy. She didn’t know what got into her, but she knew she couldn’t let him go away again. She was tired of that hide and seek game, she was tired to be afraid of talking to him because he could burst up any moment. She knew this was the turning point: if he really wanted to hurt her, this was his chance even more than in his workshop. But if he didn’t, then it could be a new beginning, they could talk and he could finally start trusting her.
“Open that door.” he ordered with a stern look.
“Yi Jeong sunbae.” she looked at him straight in the eyes and, surprisingly, she smiled. “Why don’t you go back to my couch? You’re not going anywhere for a while. I’ll go make some tea.”
Without even a look in his direction, she moved to the kitchen, but as soon as she went near him, Yi Jeong grabbed her arm, stopping her.
“Do you know I could get that key if I wanted to, right?”
He wasn’t looking at her because he knew that just a glance would have been enough to make him loose control and force her to the couch or the bedroom. For now he wanted to see which game she wanted to play.
“But you won’t.” she ended the sentence for him. “Because you want to stay here and see what happens next.”
She wasn’t looking at him either, it was taking all her strenght to keep her coolness and look strong.
“I want to see what happens too.” she said before moving past him, completely missing the shocked look in his face at those words.
What did she just say? She disappeared behind a door and he walked back to the living room forcing himself not to go after her, to gather her in his arms again and finally give in to his desires. He was locked in after all, her parents were not coming home and they had all the time. That was even better than that night in his workshop, she was actually hinting she could agree to sleep with him.
He sat down on the couch again, trying to slow down the beating of his heart. That evening was really promising… he already managed to kiss her, and he felt her soft body under his again, and now he actually had the possibility of hitting home. Yes, an exciting evening.
And then he could finally forget her and move on.

Some minutes later a very nervous Ga Eul showed up again, holding a tea-tray and trying to mask her nerves. If she really wanted to talk with him, she had to be strong. The moment she showed any weakness, he would have taken advantage of it and she didn’t know if she would have been able to stop him then.
Damn, she didn’t even know if she would have wanted to stop him then. As much as all his acts had been forceful until now, she couldn’t deny they had triggered something inside her and she couldn’t trust herself to abide to her principles right now.
Hardening her features, she deeply breathed in and walked towards him.
It was like a game, she told herself, and she didn’t want to loose it.

Chapter 14


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