Chapter 11

Chapter 10

“Thanks for coming, Ga Eul yang.” Woo Bin greeted her, after the silent couple arrived at the lounge. “I’m sorry if it’s late… you had no problems at home, right?”
“My parents are not home for some days, so I’m free. I just hope they won’t try to call me right now.” She sat down on the couch trying to concentrate on the present, and calm down the beat of her heart that pumped like crazy ever since she left her house.
“So what’s the matter? What’s wrong with Jan Di?”
“Well.” Ji Hoo was sipping a glass of wine, but the look in his eyes was very worried. “Tonight I went to Jan Di’s, since today you told me she moved. When I arrived, I saw Jun Pyo dragged away by his mother’s men. Did you know he moved to stay near Jan Di?”
“Yes, she told me.” Ga Eul nodded. “So I guess his mother found it out as well…”
“I called Woo Bin and Yi Jeong and asked them to come as well, fearing that Madam Kang would have soon made her appearance… I was right.”
Ga Eul slightly paled at the thought of Jan Di at the mercy of that terrible woman. “So what happened?”
“Well, I’m glad she wasn’t alone to face her, but I fear our presence just complicated things. She basically accused Jan Di of trying to seduce all four of us, since we were in her house so late at night.”
Ga Eul sprang up, her eyes on flame. “Madam Kang said what?”
“Don’t take it at heart, Ga Eul yang.” Woo Bin’s voice was resigned. “She’s always like that. She’s trying to isolate Jun Pyo, she always did since when he was a kid. We’re his friends since kindergarten and she still can’t stand us. What she told Geum Jan Di is just based on her assumption that nobody in this world is worth of Jun Pyo.”
Ga Eul sat down again, a pained expression in her eyes. “Poor Jan Di… Ji Hoo sunbae, how was she?”
“She was shaken of course. But you know her… as soon as Madam Kang went away, she did her best to convince us she was ok, and she sent us home.”
Woo Bin looked at Yi Jeong, who hadn’t said a word since when he entered and noted that he sat in the farthest place from Ga Eul, looking everywhere but at her. He slightly arched his eyebrow, but he set the matter aside for later.
“You know Geum Jan Di better than any of us, that’s why I asked for you here.” He told Ga Eul, still keeping an eye on Yi Jeong. Did he just look at her and then suddenly looked away? “The truth is we’re worried for her. She and her brother are living in that room, at the mercy of the first burglar who decide to open that door. It’s not a house, it’s a called disaster. And now Jun Pyo’s mother knows where she is.”
“I know…” Ga Eul bit her lip and Woo Bin, still looking at Yi Jeong with the corner of his eyes, noted that he was now watching her so intently it was almost embarrassing to be in the same room with them. He needed to have a long talk with his best friend.
“I tried to talk Jan Di into coming to live with me, but she refused.” Ga Eul was still talking and Woo Bin turned his attention to her again. “I don’t like them living there either, but what can we do?”

All in all, it was a very depressing evening. They tried to think about several options, from lending her money to offering her some other apartments, but Ga Eul rejected them all.
“Jan Di is too proud to seek help or accept loans. She doesn’t want to depend on anybody and…” she interrupted herself, slightly embarrassed, but when Ji Hoo motioned her to keep on, she ended the sentence. “I’m sorry to say this, but you’re all Jun Pyo sunbae’s friends. He was the one who started this mess, she’s in trouble because of him. I’m afraid you’re the last people she would seek help from.”
A thick silence filled the room and Ga Eul was worrying she had offended them, when Ji Hoo leaned against the couch sighing. “I can’t stand to know she’s in this mess and we can’t do anything about it.”
“Well.” Yi Jeong spoke for the first time that evening. “We can’t help her directly, but we can at least make that room more comfortable.”
“What are you thinking about?” Woo Bin asked.
“You saw that place… they cleaned it, but it’s still miserable. It would need new furniture, some painting, something to make it warmer. We can provide it.”
“But that will have the opposite effect. They will stay there even more.”
“Ji Hoo.” Yi Jeong looked at the white knight of their group. “I know you want Geum Jan Di to be safe, but there’s nothing we can do right now. She won’t have any help, but she won’t refuse a gift. It will show our support to her and at the same time, she will know we respect her decision and we won’t force her to accept our help.”
Ji Hoo clenched his jaw, but didn’t reply. It pained him, but he knew Yi Jeong was right.
“So you’re suggesting a total revamp of her place?” Ga Eul clapped her hands, a smile on her lips for the first time that evening. “That’s a good idea sunbae! We can buy her some new furniture, but it must not be too expensive or she won’t accept it. And we can paint the walls, and get some new curtains.”
“So we have Chu Ga Eul guarantee that Geum Jan Di will like it?”
“Woo Bin sunbae, she will love it! Especially if we do it ourselves. It will be a real gift then!”
“Hey hey.” Woo Bin raised his hands, a slightly worried look in his eyes. “I never painted anything, I was thinking about having it done by someone else.”
“No no no.” Ga Eul stood up and looked at them like a little general with his army. “Tomorrow I don’t have to work, so I’ll go to a mall and I’ll buy everything we need. Then we will meet at her place and we’ll start working. When Jan Di will know we did everything on our own she will be so happy!”
“But…” the mafia prince tried to protest.
“Come on, Woo Bin sunbae! It will be fun, I promise.”
“Whatever you say Ga Eul yang.” He yielded with a smile.
Right at that moment, Yi Jeong stood up. “Good then. If we’re done I’ll drive Ga Eul yang back home. Tomorrow it will be a busy day and we all need to sleep.”

A few minutes later, Ji Hoo and Woo Bin were alone in the lounge, again. The surprised and alarmed look in Ga Eul’s eyes when Yi Jeong dragged her away, hadn’t gone unnoticed by either of them.
“Something is happening, you know.” Ji Hoo took the last sip from his glass. “Did you notice their awkwardness when they arrived?”
“Well, I know for a fact they haven’t met in the last few days, after he told us they were going to date. And Yi Jeong sat far from her tonight.”
“And he tried to not look at her for the whole evening.”
“Except when he was eating her alive with his eyes.”
“Not to talk about your luck.”
“My luck?” Woo Bin looked at him confused.
“If looks could kill, you would be dead now. Didn’t you notice the daggers in his eyes when you smiled at Ga Eul yang?”
“Well, well, well…. jealous much, uh?” Woo Bin sighed looking at the roof. “Maybe I should ask Geum Jan Di if she has some other friends to introduce to us. Seems like F4 are mesmerized by commoners.”
Ji Hoo smiled but didn’t answer.
“Hey bro. Do you think Yi Jeong is seriously in love with Ga Eul yang?”
The white knight looked at Woo Bin, not smiling anymore. “I think it will happen very soon, if it hadn’t yet. But I’m worried. I don’t know what could happen. He’s in denial. And you know what it means.”
The mafia prince nodded, worried as well.

When Yi Jeong was feeling like that… he was dangerous. Very dangerous.

Chapter 12


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