Chapter 10

Chapter 9

Yi Jeong parked his bright orange car just outside Ga Eul’s house and turned the engine off. He carefully avoided meeting her in the last few days but now he couldn’t anymore. It wasn’t that he was afraid of seeing Ga Eul, but he needed time to absorb what happened, to think.
First, there was the issue regarding his father. Even though unwillingly, he had gone to see him the next day, to check if he really hurt him, but thankfully he was fine, even though some movements were slightly painful. Hyun Sub wasn’t expecting any apologies and he hadn’t received any, save for the visit itself. All things considered it had been a civil conversation until his father had bid him goodbye.
“Remember.”He had said out of the blue “The real one only comes once. But even if she does, you have to let her go, son. Because she isn’t for you. She will never be for you.”
Yi Jeong had stiffened in the place, but he had not turned to look at him, choosing to go out, quietly closing the door and his father’s bitterness behind him.
He wished he could shut those words out of his mind too, but even now they were still echoing.
Sometimes he wondered what would have happened if three years ago he grasped his once in a lifetime chance and confessed to Eun Jae. Would their love have lasted? Would his family have allowed them to be together? Or had he just spared himself useless pain? He really didn’t know.
And now, Ga Eul yang… she really had the power to confuse him. He missed her and at the same time he was glad to not see or hear from her. He wanted to erase that cheerful smile from her lips, but he wanted her to laugh as well. He couldn’t stand her when she was lecturing him, but he couldn’t help to listen to her.
Worst of all, he couldn’t forget the feeling of her body under his own: her softness, her warm skin, the glow in her eyes. Why? He tried to analyze the situation, to rationalize it, but he just couldn’t understand.
Yi Jeong had his fair experience with women, even since he was a kid and truth to be told, he played in his bed with women far more beautiful than Ga Eul. That girl really didn’t have anything so special. And still…
Maybe what confused him was that she confessed to him and yet she resisted when they were together. Another girl would have seized the chance at once, but not Ga Eul. She was actually furious!
And he wanted her. Physically. More and more he was regretting letting her go that night, each time thinking that maybe he could have persuaded her to sleep with him without using violence. The sheer thought of a Casanova like him reduced to “persuade” a girl, was enough to horrify him. And yet maybe, if he could satisfy this strange craving, the confusion would stop.
Yi Jeong knocked his head against the seat of his car, frustrated. He needed to shut her out of his mind, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He needed to end what he started with her, this was making him go crazy. It was just curiosity, he decided. He had her within his grasp and yet he had let her go and now he was unable to stop wondering what would have been if he hadn’t. Yes, that was it. Just curiosity of feeling her skin under his fingers again and breath in her hair and…
“Enough.” He told himself out loud.
He took out his phone and dialed her number, waiting patiently. He was sure she would pick up, even if she was still angry. Ga Eul was a polite girl.
Just as he expected, she answered the phone, but didn’t speak.
He breathed in deeply before talking.
“Hello, Ga Eul yang.”
Still silence on her end of the call, but he waited.
“Hello, sunbae.” She replied in the end.

When she saw his call, she couldn’t believe it. After all those days of complete silence, he was trying to contact her again. What was she supposed to do? She contemplated the option of not answering the phone, but she admitted to herself she was curious to know what he wanted to tell her.
Now, if only he uttered some words… like maybe “I’m sorry, I was a stupid brat”, she would have considered forgiving him. All he had to do was swallow his pride and apologize. But there was no hope for that. Ga Eul knew him enough to know that he would just act like nothing happened, in pure F4 style.
She picked up the call but she didn’t greet him, waiting for him to take the first step. At least that, she thought bitterly.
“Woo Bin would like to meet you at the lounge, with Ji Hoo and me.” He told her, his voice neutral. “He asked me to come and get you. Can you come by?”
“It’s night sunbae. It’s almost eleven o’clock to be precise. Can’t this wait tomorrow?”
“It’s about Geum Jan Di,” was the answer.
That upset her. “Did something happen? Is she all right?”
“Yes, for now. But I don’t know for how long. I can come and ask your parent’s permission, if they don’t want to let you come.”
“No, that’s not necessary. Just wait for me.” And she hang up the phone, looking for something to wear.
That guy was incredible, she thought, getting the first skirt she saw in the drawer. Why was that he always came when she was ready to sleep? Like that other day when…
“No. Just get dressed Ga Eul.” She firmly told herself.
It was only when she was crossing her gate that it occurred to her it could all be a lie, just to lure her out.
But no, Yi Jeong didn’t need such tricks to talk to her. Or did he?
Well, it was too late now, he was already getting out the car.
They stood there for some moments, just looking at each other until he opened the door of the car for her.
“Please. I know we have a lot to talk about, but this is important.” Woo Bin, you are going to pay for it. I’m actually pleading her! Next time come do the dirty work yourself.
“It’s not a trick?” she asked, her eyes still cold.
“It’s not a trick.” Like he needed tricks to talk to her. Tsk.
“Will you kidnap me again?”
Yi Jeong rolled his eyes and sighed annoyed. “Ga Eul yang. I don’t need tricks to talk with you and if I want to bring you somewhere, I just do it. Now get in, we have to go.”
“Don’t order me around.” Really, who did he think he was? Dragging her around on his own will? She thought she already clarified she was not a puppet.
“Why can’t you be reasonable just for once? Do you think I wanted to come and get you?” He cursed himself after saying that. Now he would never hear the end of it.
“Ah sorry then! It didn’t seem to me my sight was so unbearable for you just a few days ago!” Now, where had that come from? Was she crazy?
Pissed off – she was really amazing. Pissing him off in less than one minute – Yi Jeong acted on instinct. He grabbed her arm to turn her towards the car and get her in, but she tripped in his feet and crashed on him pushing him against the car with a muffled cry.
Her eyes wide open, she immediately tried to disentangle herself, but Yi Jeong’s arms were already on her waist, keeping her against him.
She slowly raised her head to meet his eyes and found his dark gaze fixed on her with an unreadable expression while he lifted an hand to brush a lock of hair aside, tucking it behind her ear.
“Ga Eul yang,” his voice was low, almost a whisper. “We need to go.”
Unable to speak she just nodded and then he slowly let her go, closing the door behind her. Neither of them uttered a word during the drive.

Chapter 11


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