I will rip your wings off

Chapter 2

This is my first, most famous fanfiction. People at Lovers Unparalleled still remember it and ask me to complete it. I just need some good inspiration to go on, I really loved this fic. It was even featured as one of the best stories in the website for a month, which made me really proud of myself ^^
It’s rated R for a mature audience, so you’re warned. Children out please :P

Yi Jeong feels he has no more hopes left. He lost Eun Jae, his family is a mess and his hand is broken.
Ga Eul chooses that moment to show up in his workshop and ask him out for a date.
What will Yi Jeong do? Will he grasp her life saving hand or will he decide to bring her rotting in hell with him?

Categories: Boys Over Flowers, Yi Jeong/Ga Eul
Characters: Cha Eun Jae, Chu Ga Eul, Geum Jan Di, Gu Jun Pyo, Ha Jae Kyung, So Yi Jeong, Song Woo Bin, Yoon Ji Hoo
Beta’d: Self-Beta’d
Genre: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Alternate Universe

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Notes:
My first story ever. English is not my mother language, so please point me out any
mistakes and I will correct them. I’m not sure about the ratings and warnings, I
never wrote a fanfic before. I’ll modify them later if needed. AU starting from
Episode 18, when Ga Eul ask Yi Jeong to date her. Enjoy :)

So Yi Jeong was tired. And frustrated and sad. But most of all, he was furious.
Everything had gone from bad to worse from the moment Jun Pyo’s mother announced his soon-to-be wife.
Yi Jeong knew he shouldn’t have been so surprised, but the sad truth was it had been a hard blow, perhaps even more that it was for Jun Pyo, the real victim of the whole scheme.
The moment Geum Jan Di entered their lives, he felt something was changing, for good: Ji Hoo awoke from his slumber, Jun Pyo discovered there was something in this world he couldn’t obtain with his money and as for him… well, he met Ga Eul yang. That silly, irritating, stupid, little country bumpkin.
He still couldn’t sort out if he liked her or hated her. She was too innocent for his taste, too much of a good girl, the type he feared the most. When she played “white angel” in front of him, talking about love and soulmates and how she was sure he believed in them too, he felt even more the rift between them: she the angel, him the devil.

For a short moment, after he saved her when they were skiing, he truly believed he could change. Feeling her in his arms, seeing her smile, made him feel the warmth she was always talking about. Maybe, if he pursued her at that time, things would have been different. But then again, he was now glad he never did, that he backed off and rarely saw her in the six months that followed, because that uncertain feeling of hope he was slowly trying to accept in his heart, shattered when he saw Jun Pyo reject Jan Di in Macau,
like the weed he always jokingly said she was.
He was sure they loved each other. Heck, he had seen it. Jun Pyo was head over heels for that girl. And now he had a fiancee, someone he never met before, someone he would probably be forced to marry.
And the warmth disappeared.
That was his life too, that was the destiny that awaited him. Why try to change it? It would only make him suffer more when the time came, like Jun Pyo was suffering now.
Thanks heavens, he never pursued Ga Eul yang, only to have to reject her when his family would choose his bride. She didn’t deserve it.
And still, the thought of her had the power to make him furious. She was free to love, to laugh, to cry, to live, without anybody controlling her. And apparently she was determined to make his life a living hell by always be around him, smiling, talking, showing him what he never could be.
Their second fake date was the perfect example for it: would she ever know that with each smile she was slowly killing him? He really enjoyed their time together, he felt so proud knowing she was happy because of what he was doing for her, and when the evening came and he drove her home, he regretted his short holiday from his life had already ended.

Then his father appeared in his workshop and Yi Jeong discovered he believed in soulmates too. His life was miserable because he lost his. Yi Jeong briefly wondered if he was forced to leave her to marry his mother, and it made sense to him because his father never cared for his mother, trying to hurt her as much as possible. Maybe it was his punishment for the loss of the love of his life. That fateful meeting, combined with Jun Pyo’s engagement was the last drop.
Lost between the thoughts of his meaningless life and the future laid for him, he remembered Eun Jae and his brother. Not that he ever forgot them, but he tried his best not to think about them, because they made the hole in his heart even deeper. His brother who deserted him, leaving him alone in their crazy family, and Eun Jae, probably the love of his life, the one woman who always understood him. His air. Lost forever. And like his father had said, every woman was a meaningless repetition now, a vortex of sex and
pleasure that never had the little bit of warmth.

That was the night he tried to drank himself into oblivion. He probably should have drunk more, maybe he would have collapsed in the club instead of kissing a random girl, and now his hand would have been ok.
Were you happy now, Mr.Life? Wasn’t it enough that he had to loose Eun Jae, that his brother had abandoned him and that his future was black as his own heart? No, apparently Mr.Life wasn’t satisfied yet, because he had to take his art too. Pottery was what kept his sanity in all those years… something he could convey his emotions to. Everytime he moulded the clay with his hands, every time he created something, he felt free. And now it was over, he was no longer a potter. He would never be free again. He was done. End of the story.

What was left for him now? He honestly didn’t know. Just wait maybe. Wait to take over the museum and to marry whoever would be chosen for him: let’s face it, now that Jun Pyo was getting married, it was the starting point for all of them. Yi Jeong was sure his father would never bother to look around for a daughter-in-law, neither would his mother, but his grandfather was another business. How much time would it take? Some months? Maybe a year? Not much anyway, not when his grandfather wanted something done.
After that, his family would have requested an heir, maybe two, before allowing him to go back to his life.
And the path was already clear to him: like father like son, right? Wow, great future Yi Jeong.

Well, hell could wait a while for him. All he wanted right now, was drink those bottles of wine he knew were in his workshop. He thought for a moment about a dream he had last night where a drunken himself just set his workshop on fire, laughing hysterically and staying inside chocking to death while the fire destroyed anything he ever cared about: his art, his memories with Eun Jae, his sorrow and grief. It didn’t seem too bad a death after all, not that it mattered now… he was dead inside anyway.
Drink. Bottles. Wine. Now.

Yi Jeong was near the door of his workshop when he saw Ga Eul standing right in front of it. Just one look was enough to decide he didn’t like the pink coat she was wearing. Ga Eul was beautiful when she was dressed in red, not pink. And what about the design? Oh come on, that coat made her look fat, while he knew from New Caledonia and their fake dates that she was perfect.
Most of all, what was she doing there? He wasn’t in the mood to entertain anyone. Certainly not her, not now.
“What do you want?” he asked without even saying hi. “I don’t like visitors coming over without a purpose.”

Go away. Just go away. I can’t stand to see you now, white angel. Let me go to hell and forget about me, like you should have done a long time ago.

“I have a purpose!” she exclaimed right before he entered the door leaving her there. “Will you… go out on a date with me?”

Yi Jeong turned around, wide eyed and his thoughts went of fire. He didn’t know whether he wanted to kiss her senseless and beg her to save him or kill her right there and then because she dared to intrude in his life once more and, on top of things, when his life was going down the drain.
All he knew was that Ga Eul couldn’t have chosen a worse night to decide to be brave and go to him.

Bad, bad timing, my dear country bumpkin.


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