Ok, what’s a fanfic: it’s a story written by a fan about characters that appears in movies, anime, books, etc. It can follow the original story, tell us about what happened to the characters when the book ended or make up a completely new story using those characters as protagonist.

I’m an occasional writer and sometimes I wrote fanfics too: it was the period I was watching korean dramas (well, I still do that ^^), and one in particular caught my attention. It was called Boys over Flowers. Browsing the internet I found an awesome website full of fanfiction about that drama and especially about the second romantic pair, which apparently is the one that drew the most attention in the fans (me included). So I started writing about them. I was sort of addicted to my fanfictions but then sadly Real Life took over and I never completed them. Anyway, I’m posting them here. Good or not, I love them and they have a special place in my heart :)


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