Chapter 12

Chapter 11

7 years later.

“Working in the administration is damn boring.”
It wasn’t a good day for Shirie, flooded in papers, dust and thick books full of reports to put in the archives in strictly alphabetical and numerical order. An extremely boring job. And yet, she only had her rashness to blame.
“Why did I have to talk back to the General like that? How stupid of me… me and my big mouth.”
Still muttering her complains, she unfolded a new set of paper, all signed and with the right credentials, starting to divide them.
“Uh? What’s this…” One paper caught her attention, not for his content but for the name written on it.
It was a simple reassignment of a Legionary, an order to join the Protectors of Elysium and to report to General Sidious within the next three days, but the name of the Legionary ringed a bell in Shirie’s mind: Eilan Silverlight.
“Now where did I hear that name…”
Shirie looked at the impressive display of archives papers behind her back and sighed in depression. She definitely didn’t want to research in there.
“Ah, but I have an option!” She stood up excited then looked back at the table and shrugged. “A little break won’t hurt.”
Happily walking through Sanctum, she headed for the Library of the Sages, where Fuchsia was. She wasn’t called The Walking Encyclopedia for nothing.
She just knew everything. Shirie couldn’t begin to imagine how she did it, but there wasn’t a paper or book she didn’t read or anything she ever forgot. And of course she was the queen of Sanctum gossip. If there was someone who knew for sure who that Eilan Silverlight was, it was Fuchsia.

“Ah, that child.” Fuchsia put down her book, looking at the excited Daeva before her. “Why are you asking?”
“Oh well, I just came across an order to join the Protectors of Elysium and I couldn’t remember who she was. But her name ringed a bell!”
“Of course it did, my child.” Sadly smiling, Fuchsia motioned Shirie to sit down.
“She was at the center of a huge scandal seven years ago and the echoes didn’t fade yet.”
“Ah I knew it! What did she do?”
“It’s a long story, actually and a mysterious one as well. A lot of details aren’t clear yet.” Fuchsia’s eyes grew distant as she tried to recall all the details.
Shirie didn’t utter a word. Fuchsia was a good storyteller, but if there was something everybody in Sanctum knew was that you never had to interrupt her or disrupt her concentration.
“What we know is that when she was still a human, she helped an Asmodian soldier who had been injured in a raid against Agairon Village.” The Walking Encyclopedia finally spoke again. “She hid him for three weeks and in the end the soldier escaped, going back to Asmodae. The girl was discovered though and a trial was held against her. I think you can find all the informations in the archives.”
Looking at the horrified expression of the young Daeva, Fuchsia almost laughed. She really couldn’t blame her, it was a huge load of books to read.
“Anyway in the end she was freed, on the agreement that she would relocate in Poeta or Verteron, where no rifts open. But the night she went back home, before she could even start packing…”
“…Yes?” Shirie was hanging upon her lips. How satisfying to have such an audience.
“The Asmodians raided the village once more. It was actually an invasion, a full Legion descended on the sleeping village. Their target was that girl, Eilan. The Asmodian soldier wanted to take her back to Asmodae with him.”
“Oh poor girl! And then, what happened?”
“You see, there was a rumour going on about her… people said she was in love with that soldier. Fact is that when an Elyos Ranger shot his arrow to kill him, Eilan shielded him with her body. She was hit and in that moment she Ascended. Before anybody could do anything, they were gone and Eilan was kidnapped.”
“A Daeva? In Asmodae?” Shirie looked horrified. “But she survived… and she came back! How?”
“Nobody knows”, was the answer. “She just appeared two years ago, crossing a rift in Eltnen. She was bruised and wounded and she collapsed outside the fortress. She always refused to tell anybody what happened to her in those five years she lived in Asmodae, she actually didn’t utter a single word for months after her return. The Guardians didn’t know what to do with her, you know, they weren’t so sure she could be trusted. Rumours were that she was that Asmodian lover while she was in Asmodae.”
“How disgusting. Is it true then?”
“Only that child knows. And she won’t tell anybody. The only thing anyone managed to get from her, is that the Asmodian soldier is now dead and that’s the reason she succesfully escaped.”
Shirie leaned against the chair, a perplexed look in her eyes. “And after she came back, where was she assigned?”
“The Guardians decided for a test. She was relocated to the Cyrus Legion and that group is heavily into the Abyss fight, they practically live in Teminon Landing. The Guardians wanted to see if she was loyal and truth to be told, she fought along with the Legion, helping her mates and never betraying them. But she was always so sad and closed in herself that in the end the Cyrus General gave up and let her go back to Sanctum.”
“Oh… and then?”
“She slowly got a little better.” Fuchsia tapped a finger on her chin while thinking. “I think the credit is to be assigned to Vulcanus, the Armorsmithing Master. He’s not the most talkative of men, but he has a keen eye. He took the girl under his wings and taught her his craft and that’s when she started coming back to life again. Apparently working at the forge sets her mind at peace… I keep wondering why.”
Shirie leaned to Fuchsia, a curious look in her eyes. “And now? The Guardians are trusting her again to go out of Sanctum? The suspects about her loyalty are no more?”
“I don’t know. When they see her, people still talk, you don’t easily forget a story like this one… someone here call her The Daeva of Sadness and truth to be told, the nickname is not wrong. Making that girl happy is a challenge… oh she indulges people and she smiles and she jokes around, but when you watch her, you can see the scars her story left on her. Sometimes I wonder if she’ll ever heal.”
“Maybe being out in the world again will help. You know, costantly being with people, helping each other… that is, if her new Legion members will trust her.”
“I think this is a mistake, to be honest.” Fuchsia sighed, folding her arms.
“Eilan should stay here and live in Sanctum where she’s away from the war. I recall reading reports that say she’s terribly afraid of Rifts and everytime she has to go to the Abyss, she can’t sleep the night before. Not to talk about her habit of sleeping with a lit up candle… that girl is broken. Maybe time will heal her, but throwing her again in the war surely won’t.”
“But I heard the Protectors of Elysium are mainly dedicated to the protection of Sanctum… maybe that’s why she’s been relocated there. Maybe it’s part of a bigger plan to get her on her feet again.”
“I don’t know child. We can only hope that it works for we need every Daeva we have right now.” Fuchsia eyed her raising an eyebrow. “By the way, shouldn’t you be working in the archive right now? What are you doing here?”
“Oh…” Shirie suddenly stood up, a guilty expression on her face. “You know, it was just a break…”
“Well, the break is over, girl. Back to work, now!”
“Yes madam.”
Shirie bowed down in embarassment and ran out of the Library. What a strange story she just heard. Sad and mysterious. So many secrets in one girl alone… she wondered if they would ever knew them.
“Well, as for now, she’s going with the Protectors… let’s see if they can learn something more. As for the future… only time will tell.”


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