Chapter 11

Chapter 10

It was two hours past midnight of a moonless night when Eltnen was quietly invaded by an army of shadows who silently crossed the desert towards the sleeping Agairon Village. They didn’t need to talk because everybody had their orders, everybody knew what to do.
And when the bells started ringing and a thick column of smoke rose up in the sky in the warehouse direction, Karlis and Dasphit sneaked in the village just as a wave of Asmodians was running through it, engaging as many Elyos as possible.
“That’s the house”, the Assassin pointed at one of the last building, “it’s like she described it.”
“Let’s go then”, was the whispered answer.

“Wake up, Eilan. Wake up!”
A scared Myrielle was shacking her and when the girl finally opened her eyes, she immediately heard the bells outside.
All colour drained from her face as she understood what was going on. “No… it can’t be!”
Just in that moment Luon entered too, a long sword in his hands.
“Get your sister out and go hide until this is over.” He ordered, pale but resolute. “I won’t let that beast lay a finger on you again!”
Without a word, Eilan threw her arms around her father’s neck, drawing him to her. “I love you father… please don’t get hurt.”
“I love you too.” He murmured back, holding her close. “I’m sorry if I didn’t show you enough lately. But there will be time for that. Now go!”
“Be safe father… please.” Myrielle pleaded too. And with that the two sisters jumped off the window and ran in the night just in time to hear their house door being knocked down.

“Aion help us… run Eilan, run!”
It was chaos. There were Asmodians everywhere, more than they ever seen before and for sure more than the Guards could manage without reinforcements. It wasn’t the usual raid, it was clearly a full scale invasion.
They didn’t know where they were running, they were just trying to sneak around without been seen as they both knew who the real target of that raid was.
But how could he know? Who told him?
Eilan was running as fast as she could, divided between fear and longing. She desperately wanted to see Karlis again, but she knew why he was there, she knew that if she allowed herself to be caught she would have been dragged away from her family, torn from her life and everything she knew to be brought to a dark world she was scared of.
So, when Myrielle suddenly stopped running and collapsed on the ground, she just stood there, too scared to even move. It was too late.

“I told you it wasn’t over, Bright Eyes.”
The voice she knew so well was behind her and Eilan slowly turned around to face the Asmodian. Around them there were still fighting sounds but somehow she couldn’t hear them anymore.
“I don’t want to. Please, don’t do this to me.” She whispered, still as she was glued to the ground. And actually she was, she could feel small but strong strings anchoring her where she was.
“I came here for a reason and I won’t leave without you.” He was walking towards her, his glowing red eyes piercing her with a fiery stare. “Don’t worry, your father is fine, he’s just unconscious. And your sister is sleeping, thanks to my brother. No harm will come to anyone. Just come with me now, and I’ll call the retreat.”
But Eilan shook her head while hot tears stained her cheeks. “I can’t. I can’t willingly abandon my family, my friends, my world! And if you really loved me, you would never do this to me.”
“If you won’t come willingly, then I’ll have to do this the hard way.” Karlis was in front of her now, a pityless look in his face. “I told you before, Bright Eyes: you don’t want to know what I can do, to get what I want. Don’t make me force you. Come with me.”
He held out his hand but Eilan hit it with anger. “No! I will hate you forever, I swear.”
“I’ll take that chance”, was the last thing he said. Then she felt the strings releasing her legs just while Karlis grabbed her by the arm, turning to his brother.
“The portal, Dasphit.” he ordered.
In that moment Eilan noted a few things all together. She saw Karlis talking to the other Asmodian, not aware of the furious look of another pair of eyes, the eyes of a Ranger he previously defeated: the eyes of Yurnik, who recognized the spell the Sorcerer was uttering and knew he had no time, not even to rush there.
The Assassin was about to bring his friend along with him and there was nothing he could do. Except try his luck.
And so Eilan saw the bow being bend, she saw the arrow, she recognized the concentrated stare of Yurnik and she acknowledged that the arrow wouldn’t miss his target: Karlis’ chest.
Yurnik shot, sending his message of death to the man who was trying to kidnap her.
Eilan’s body acted like it had a will of its own but she gladly indulged it, even trying to be faster, even more faster… She hugged Karlis with all her strenght, shielding him from the death itself.
“I was lying.” She managed to utter before the arrow hit her right in the back, before a fierce pain erupted in her body, before the Assassin became the only pillar that was avoiding her fall on the ground.
Her eyes shot open, staring at the dark sky above her and just like she was feeling life abandoning her, a new energy arose from inside her, burning, devastating, replacing the pain.
Karlis was holding her, fear piercing his heart for the first time since very long.
“No, no! No!” He shouted, recognizing the signs of the incoming death. “No, you can’t!”
Why did you do this, silly Elyos… you said you were going to hate me forever! Why are you dying now! Don’t leave me, don’t! Stay with me!
And white wings unfolded in the night, right from Eilan’s back. White and pure they stretched like they waited to be free since a long time and show to the world who their owner really was. Eilan’s eyes glowed just for a moment, a soft blue light against the darkness, before closing. Her wings disappeared and the girl went limp in Karlis arms.
“The gate! Now!” He shouted, desperation in his voice. “Everybody, retreat! To
Dasphit completed the spell and a shining gate appeared in front of them.
“No!” Yurnik shouted watching the Asmodian cross it with the dying girl in his arms: a newborn Daeva who was dying, a newborn Daeva who didn’t have the time to bind to any Obelisk, his dear friend Eilan, who would have really died.
Because of his arrow.

And then the Asmodians were gone.
Agairon Village was silent once again, aside from Myrielle’s cry of anguish, the moment she woke up and she understood she had lost her sister. Forever.

Chapter 12


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