Chapter 08

Chapter 7

“Excuse me, milord Daeva.”
The hesitant voice made the Ranger turn with an interrogative look that changed into a smile when he recognized the man who was calling him. Being a Daeva was truly a wonder, he thought, greeting Luon Silverlight; it seemed yesterday that he was looking at the Ranger with the adoring eyes of a child and now he was in his middle age and the father of his dear friend Eilan.
“What can I do for you, Luon?”
“I’m sorry if I bother you, milord, but can you spare a moment for me?”
Yurnik smiled and walked with the man to a bench, sitting down. “You weren’t so formal with me when you were a young boy… don’t worry. What’s the matter?”
“My daughter, Eilan.” Luon raised his eyes, looking worried. “I wondered… I know the two of you are good friends, and I wondered if you knew what’s happening to her.”
Yurnik raised an eyebrow. “Actually no. Is she in any trouble?”
“I don’t know.” The man sighed, watching his last hope disappear. “She’s acting in a weird way since a month already. She disappears on the Kuriullu Mountain at least once a day and this last week she’s been staying there for several hours each time. My daughter has always been cheerful but lately she’s more closed, like she has some worry. I tried asking her what’s wrong, but she always denies.”
“Well,” the Ranger leaned against the bench, “maybe it’s part of her training, isn’t she an apprentice under Tarle?”
“I spoke with her and Tarle told me she knows nothing more than me. She’s not the one asking Eilan to go on the mountain every day, and by now she doesn’t even know what to do with the herbs Eilan brings back, she has already enough for a couple of months.”
“Myrielle? Have you tried asking her? I know they are pretty close as sisters.”
“Useless. Even she doesn’t know anything.” Luon gazed at him, this time more frightened than worried. “I hoped Eilan might have told you something… I know my daughter, Yurnik. This behaviour is not normal, something is happening and it’s bothering her and she won’t tell anyone. Please help me. You’re the only one I can ask.”
The Ranger thought for some moment. Indeed it was not like Eilan to act this weird and not answer her father’s questions. Yurnik knew her too, and one thing the girl was never good at, was lying. What was happening to her? Was she in trouble? The silly girl had a kind heart and he knew it could be a danger sometimes…
“Is she on the Mountain right now?”
“Yes, since this morning.”
Long enough… it’s past lunch time now, the Ranger noticed.
“Let’s go then.” Yurnik rose up, looking at the worried father. “Let’s track her down and find out what’s happening.”
“You think we can find her?”
The Ranger turned to him and smirked. “I’m a Daeva after all.”


One week already passed. So long. And so short too.
Karlis was laying on the blankets, brushing the naked shoulder of the asleep girl beside him. She was smiling in her sleep and her body was soft and warm.
Not for the first time, the Asmodian watched her, deep in thought. They had a connection, that was for sure. He had given up on trying to deny that it wasn’t just lust because that would have been satisfied by now. Eilan was coming to the cave every day and their lovemaking was intense and passionate like every time was the last one.
Her eyes, her kisses, her arms around him, her whole being was screaming her feelings for him and Karlis still had a hard time admitting he felt exactly the same.
But even recognizing there was something between them, what could he do?
She was still an Elyos, he was still an enemy of her people and that would never change. He delayed his going back to Asmodae for too long, he was fully healed already. Still he couldn’t decide to go home. Because of Eilan.
If I go, I’ll never see her again. Her smile, her bright eyes… all gone. Forever.
Right in that moment, the girl opened her eyes and was greeted by an intense stare from her lover. She wasn’t scared anymore to find his eyes glowing red because that gaze was just telling her how passionate the Asmodian was, how full of energy and life.
It’s for me, was her sleepy thought, he’s this way because of me. I love his eyes, they are the mirror of his heart.
She smiled and slowly moved nearer to kiss him, her hand deep in his hair.
As Karlis pulled away from the kiss after a while and leaned his forehead against hers, his red gaze in her green eyes, Eilan froze in his arms, hearing the words whispered against her lips.
“You will come back to Asmodae with me.”

Chapter 9


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