Chapter 06

Chapter 5

His lips were hard and demanding on hers and Eilan found herself trapped in his arms,  one of his hands on her back and the other one on her neck. Still she tried to break free, until the Asmodian, clearly angry, forced her to walk the few steps missing to reach the cave wall; then he pressed his body against her own and used both hands to hold her face, forcing Eilan to part her lips.
As soon as he deepened the kiss, the girl stopped struggling, overwhelmed by an emotion so deep and furious she could no longer fight it.
He was warm, he was burning hot and she couldn’t have enough. Her hands thrusted in his hair as she pulled him even nearer, just while Karlis hands slipped inside her shirt, touching the bare skin of her back. He left her lips and lowered to kiss her neck, actually devouring it…
“No!” Eilan’s eyes shot open as she felt his hands cupping her breast. “No, stop!”
He didn’t even care to answer, and with the last remaining of clearness, she managed to push him behind and slip away from his grasp.
“Come back here.” It was like an order and although she felt the immediate desire to go back in his arms, she resisted.
“I can’t. I can’t do this.” Her breathing was irregular, her hair messed up, her face flushed. “Please, I can’t.”
Karlis stared at her and then he smiled. It was the first time he ever smiled at her and suddenly she felt like the prey looking at the snake. Trapped by his sarcastic smile.
“You want me. You kissed me, you touched me. Why deny?”
Stepping back some more, Eilan tried to calm down. Her mind was in chaos, all her senses were drawing her to him, she felt like her whole body was in fire.
And so she did the last thing she could do, probably the worst one; she reverted to cold logic.
“You’re an Asmodian. You’re an enemy. I can’t do this.”
Karlis laughed, a deep rough laugh, never parting his eyes from her. “So you can cure me, but you can’t do this?”
“I’m a healer!” She protested. “That’s my job. This… is something completely different.”
The Assassin retreated some steps and as he saw the slow hope raising in her eyes, he couldn’t help but smile again. Did she really think it would be so easy to get rid of him? She obviously needed a reminder on who he really was.
A small kick and the lamp was broken. The light was off. He heard Eilan sharply hold her breath as she saw his red eyes glowing in the darkness and in just a moment he was behind her, his arms on her waist.
“Tell me you don’t want this.” He told her, speaking in his native language this time. Slipping again under her shirt, he slowly caressed the warm skin of her stomach, while his lips were brushing her neck. She was shacking, but otherwise she was still in his arms.
“Tell me Bright Eyes… tell me you don’t want me to touch you.” His fingers were raising, no hurry in their movements, just savouring the moment, anticipating her every reactions. “Are you scared? Do you think I will hurt you?”
It wasn’t the first time he called her Bright Eyes. He liked her green, luminous, deep eyes, she knew it very well… but he was playing dirty; Karlis knew she liked the nickname and he was using it to win her over, to make her feel more comfortable.
“It’s treason,” she whispered, “even worse than cure you…”
“You’re an Elyos, you’re my enemy.” He replied, his low voice causing her to shiver even more. “This won’t stop me. I want you. And I feel you want me too.”
“I can’t forget who you are.” Her whisper hit him like a loud shout and he growled in the dark, just against her ear.
“You can’t forget, can you?” His grip tightened, pressing her against him even more. “And what am I to you? A beast? A demon? A dreaded enemy?”
“Please, just let me go.” She was pleading him, just like the first time they met.
Karlis knew he had two ways in front of him. He could force her, or he could let her go.
He knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her… she couldn’t deny it.
Forcing her would be a violence only at the start because deep in her heart she longed for his embrace.
And still, the Assassin never forced a woman into his bed, he didn’t like to see the fear in her eyes. He wanted a partner, not a victim. Maybe she just needed time to think over it.

The Asmodian grabbed her arm, dragging her towards the cave exit, until the faint light coming from outside allowed her to see him again. Her eyes reflected her fear, her desire… it was maddening.
“Go home Eilan. For now. Eat your food, sleep in your bed.” His eyes were shining with fury. Why couldn’t she just stop thinking and follow her feelings?
“Tomorrow you will come back. To me.”
She was petrified and he slowly brushed her cheek, still talking. “Don’t make me come to look for you, Bright Eyes. Because I would.”
“You wouldn’t…” She managed to whisper. “You wouldn’t face our Guards just for me.”
His hand hardened on her face, thrusting in her hair. “You don’t really want to know what I can do to get what I want, my little Elyos. I’ll be waiting for you. Just… don’t make me wait for too long.”
His face was serious, his voice menacing. He wasn’t going to let her go. He was allowing her a little time to adjust to the situation, but not to run away from it.
Karlis slowly retreated inside the cave, until all she could see of him was his glowing red eyes. Then he disappeared.

And Eilan ran out, hot tears falling down her cheeks.

Chapter 7


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