Chapter 03

Chapter 2

He was getting better, or so she hoped. The fever was gone and the wounds she had tended to, looked like better. They would leave several scars though… her ability with the needle could only do that much.
To tell the truth, Eilan was surprised. Elyos were taught since childhood that Asmodians weren’t humans, that they were demons, totally different from them. And yet her remedies, something specifically studied to work on Elyos Daevas, did their job on him too: pain killers, the cataplasm she used on his wounds, even the special fluid she used to keep him sleeping the first few days.
Maybe we’re more similar than anybody think… your appearance may be different and scary, but your body works the same as mine. I wonder if your mind can think like mine or feel the way I do, too… Are you a beast, or are you a human?
Eilan knew she was in danger and from two different sides. She was helping an enemy and that alone would have been enough to send her to the Eltnen Fortress to stand trial and she was healing an Asmodian who could as well kill her when he woke up.
About the first danger, she could only try to be careful but as for the second… she was about to find out: the Asmodian needed to eat and drink if he wanted to heal and he couldn’t do it while unconscious. His condition was improving and today he hadn’t drank the drug to keep him sleeping so he could wake up any moment.
Worried and more than a little scared, Eilan sat down just far enough so he couldn’t grab her and waited.


It was painful, but pain was something he knew; pain also meant he was alive.
He kept his eyes shut, trying to understand what was going on before announcing he was awake. First of all, he wasn’t wearing his armor, he could feel a warm blanket over his skin where the reinforced leather should have been. He wasn’t alone either, there was at least another person quietly breathing near him. Was he back home? Or was he a prisoner? There was only one way to find out.
Slowly opening his eyes, the first thing he noticed was a low rooftop, undeniably made of stone. Could it be he was still in the cave he found when he was running away? He brought a hand to his chest and found a thick bandage on it where the deepest wound he received, was. Someone cured him.
But he was still in the cave. Turning his head, he saw a lamp and not very far he recognized his armor and his daggers. So, he wasn’t a prisoner, because no Daeva in his right mind would have been stupid enough to leave his weapons where he could get them. What exactly was going on?
He turned his head again and even in the dim light he had no trouble seeing her: a girl, her skin tanned and glowing of a gentle golden light, dark hair enclosing an adorable face and deep green eyes wide with fear. An Elyos.
He struggled to get up and reach for his weapons just while the girl flattened herself against the cave’s wall, but he fell back with a pained cry, not strong enough.
A strangled sound from the girl made him turn his head again, ready to strike with his bare hands if needed. She was holding a white bandage, showing it to him, along with a bowl with some crushed leaves.
He looked at her for some moments, trying to think. He was alive, he was still in the cave and his wounds were bandaged. Could it be that human girl cured him? She wasn’t a Daeva, he could tell, he felt no energy coming from her.
“You… are you a healer?” He asked, more to himself that to her, because he knew she couldn’t understand him. “And why didn’t you turn me in to your Daevas?”
As expected, the girl shook her head and slowly, very slowly, took out something from her sack while his eyes were still fixed on her. He was sure she was aware of the danger of her situation; he could feel his eyes glowing with energy and she could see them also for sure. She knew he was gathering his strenght to strike if she did something unexpected.
A flask, a piece of bread and an apple were carefully extracted from the sack and placed on the ground while the girl retreated fast.
He made no sign of getting them and then she acted exactly like he wanted her to. She came back to push them further, getting close enough for him to suddenly grab her arms and pulling her to him. He could be weak, but he was still strong enough to kill a human girl and he could see it in her eyes: the fear.
She was petrified, lacking the courage to wriggle free and he contemplated for a moment wheter to kill her or not. He decided against it in the end… the girl was sure expected home and he couldn’t afford to fight a Daeva Patrol sent to look for her. Even more, it was clear enough she cured him; if she wanted him dead, she would have turned him in from the start.
She was shacking, her wide, bright eyes gleaming with tears and she was whispering something. He couldn’t understand the words of course, but the tone was clear enough, she was begging him, probably to spare her.
That was good, she had to be scared so she wouldn’t do anything stupid. He needed to stay in control if he wanted to come out of this alive.
Releasing her, he watched the girl crawling back where she was before, still shacking and he grabbed the flask, pretending a strenght he didn’t possess at all. She couldn’t see him as weak. Ahhh water, it was so good… he didn’t know how thirsty he was until he drank. And he was hungry too. How many days had passed?
The girl was slowly calming down and after a while, when he was done eating, she hesitantly motioned him to lay down again. He didn’t want to, but he soon recognized he needed to rest. He needed to recover.
Laying down, he noticed a glint of relief in her eyes and then she pointed at herself saying a single word. She repeated it many times until he looked at her with curiosity.
“Eeeeeeiiiiiiilaaaan?” He repeated.
She nodded and repeated it again, faster this time. Ok the vowels weren’t so long then. He tried again. “Eeeeeiiiiiilan?”
She nodded again and he repeated, trying to imitate her. “Eilan.”
And when the girl smiled, it was like another light suddenly brightened the cave. Looking terrified, he already noticed she was pretty but when she smiled she was absolutely beautiful. Too bad she was an Elyos and he was so weak…
Before knowing what he was doing, he was repeating another word, slowly and as clearly as possible and it was her time to struggle with the unfamiliar sounds this time.
In the end, she concentrated and said, loud and clear. “Karlis.”
He nodded and she smiled again.
When he closed his eyes and fell asleep, he still had that smile and those bright green eyes in his mind.

Chapter 4


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