Where it all began

My most favourite Aion character was Eilan. She was a healer and one of the characters I’m most in love with, along with Misty. Here is her story, where she started.


She never liked living in the Agairon Village. It wasn’t safe. Sun, sun, and even more sun  and not enough water (damn those Lepharists…). And the Asmodians.
Eilan sighed softly, while walking. It seemed Asmodians really liked her little village because they were sacking it often enough, just like the other night. Maybe it was an ordinary thing for the Daeva Guards, maybe it was even a welcomed distraction from the boredom of their days, but to Eilan it was pure terror.
Locked inside her room and hugged with Myrielle, her younger sister, all she could do was waiting and waiting while Agairon village’s bells were furiously ringing and all you could hear outside was the fierce cries of Elyos and Asmodians fighting.
The night was their favourite moment to attack, of course. Weren’t they creatures of the night anyway? Demons? Red eyes, talons, even a mane… they sure weren’t human. And they were voted to destruction while all Eilan wanted was to live in peace.
Bending over, the girl picked a small pink flower from the ground and looked around for a certain leaf she needed: the flower petals combined with that leaf made an excellent compound for healing bruises and even though the Daeva Guards had their methods to cure themselves, she knew many appreciated Tarle’s remedies.
Tarle was the doctor she was training with, of course. Eilan was just a child when she decided what she wanted to be in her life and her mother always supported her, sending her to learn and study with her old friend. It was the right choice because she was talented and she had a keen eye for gathering the needed herbs which was of course the reason why the “delightful” task of wandering around the Kuriullu Mountain always fell on her.
Eilan wiped the sweat from her forehead, tucked her dark hair behind an ear and took a long draught of water from her flask. It was so hot… it was past midday and she was nowhere near the end of her gathering session. A little rest wouldn’t hurt, right? She needed it and she also knew the perfect place to stay for a while, to escape the sun.

The cave was deep and extraordinary fresh just like she remembered and Eilan sat down on the cold rock with a relief sigh. Taking out an apple from her sack, she bit it closing her eyes and thinking: she still had to gather two buckets full of leaves before she could go home and she had to be careful to avoid the specific Daeva’s plants. She could recognize them of course, and everyone knew they were not to be touched: they were imbued with Aether and only Daevas knew how to use them to their full extent. In the hands of a human
they were just wasted.
Once done with the apple, the young girl just stayed there, enjoying the freshness.
I’ll wait one hour or so, she decided, the sun won’t be so hot by then.
Leaning her head against the cave’s wall she closed her green eyes but she suddenly opened them again, turning her head.
A sound? Did she hear right?
Standing still for a few moments more, she tried to listen harder and then she stood up, her eyes scrutinizing the cave. Yes, there was a sound, low and deep.
There it was again!
One step after the other, Eilan made her way deeper into the cave, the light growing dimmer at every step.
It was a moan, she was sure of it. Someone was in pain and now that she payed attention, she could see small pools here and there, dark against the stone. Was it blood?
Wait Eilan, she told herself, you can’t go in there without a light. You won’t be able to see anything.
She went back and searched in her sack finding the little lamp she had brought with her; after all she wasn’t due to go back to the village until after sunset and the light was needed to show her the way.
Reassured by the little golden light, the girl walked back where she was.
“Hello?” She called, half frightened, half worried. “Who’s there? Are you injured?”
It couldn’t be an animal, the sounds were clearly human. What had happened? A victim of the Lepharists? Wait, could it be a Lepharist himself?
Eilan drew the little knife she was using to cut the plants, patheticly aware that it was a laughable defense and took another step.
The pools of blood were growing larger and larger and she knew the end of the cave was near. Whoever it was in there, he managed to reach the deepest part of it.

It was dark but she was able to see a figure lying on the ground, clearly a human.
She raised the lamp to see him better and her heart missed a beat while a loud shriek escaped her lips.
Dark skin, talons, deep black wings unfolded against the stone… it was an Asmodian.
Eilan dropped the lamp in shock and ran for her life outside the cave.

Chapter 2


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