Aion Roleplay

Aion is a MMORPG, an online game. It’s the second online game I played after Lineage2 and the first one I ever roleplayed into.

Aion tells the story of Atreia, a beautiful world that was inhabited by all sort of creatures, humans, sapiens and Drakan. The Drakan was the most powerful species and the one chosen by Aion, Atreia’s god, to rule over the others. But then they were corrupted: five of their leaders, seeking to expand their power, tapped into an unknown source of energy and became the Five Dragon Lords.
They used this energy to cause certain of their species to “ascend” as well, turning them into the Balaur. No longer satisfied with being the stewards of Atreia, they declared themselves to be its absolute rulers and all the “lesser” races to be servants.
The Sapiens began to worship the Dragon Lords as gods, but Humans, faithful to Aion, did not.
Aion rewarded the Humans for their faith with the power needed to resist the Balaur. Twelve Empyrean Lords were brought forth, divine beings of power equal to the Dragon Lords.
After the Empyrean Lords came to lead Humanity, other Humans began to ascend as Daevas, though none could equal the Lords in power.

Bolstered by their new divine powers and their faith in Aion, the Humans began a rebellion against the Balaur. They encountered resistance from nearly all the other Sapiens, who now worshipped the Dragon Lords.
Led by the Empyrean Lords, the Daevas flew across the land, liberating Humans from Drakan slavery and striking blows against the Balaur.
The Empyrean Lords led the freed Humans to the base of the Tower of Eternity, where they promised Aion would keep them safe.
Aion’s grace and the Lords’ prayers raised the Aetheric Field around the tower, creating an area of land where the Balaur could not enter, and Humans could live in peace.
From this stronghold, the Empyrean Lords continued to lead the war against the Balaur. As more Humans ascended and Daevas accumulated more power and experience, the once hopeless-seeming battle became easier and easier.
The Balaur could not attack the Human stronghold protected by the Aetheric Field, but the Humans could not possibly defeat all the Balaur and the Sapiens. And so the war dragged on in a stalemate that lasted a thousand years.

Then Lord Israphel, along with Lady Siel, proposed peace to the Balaur in an attempt to end the war: the Empyrean Lords were split in two factions, one who wanted peace, the other declaring it was madness. In the end the peace faction won the vote and the Dragon Lords were invited to the Tower of Eternity, inside the Aetheric Field, to discuss peace.
It’s still unclear what happened but suddenly, during the negotiations, Dragon Lord Vitra died, while someone claimed that Lord Azphel was near and ready to strike. The Balaur didn’t waste time and in an instant it was carnage and chaos. The Tower began to shatter and in the last attempt to try and avoid its collapsing, Lord Israphel and Lady Siel splitted the Empyrean Lords: Five, led by Lady Ariel, were sent to the south base of the Tower and Five, led by Lord Azphel, were sent north.
The combined energy of the Lords wasn’t enough to hold the Tower together and when it shattered, Lord Israphel and Lady Siel realized it was the end. Atreia was now split in two separate halves and they were all condemned. They wasted no time: using their combined power, consuming themselves in the effort, they sacrificed their life to raise the Aetheric Field again, so that the two halves of Atreia could be protected and keep on living. And the Balaur were thrown outside the Field, ending the battle.

The centuries passed.

The lower half of Atreia was called Elysea by its inhabitants who renamed themselves as the Elyos. It was a beautiful, sun bathed land, and the Elyos considered themselves the Aion chosen ones. They didn’t know that people in the upper half of Atreia had survived too.
Their new world was different though. It was dark and cold, hard to survive in. But they did it. They called the world Asmodae and themselves the Asmodian. Their dark world changed the way Asmodians looked: to adapt, they grew a mane and talons and claws, becoming more like demons than like humans. Their eyes adapted to the darkness, their colour changing to a bright red when they were angry or alert. And their skin grew pale, greyish and blue.

750 years after the shattering of the Tower (the Cataclysm), The Abyss was discovered, a place outside Asmodae and Elysea, where the remaining Balaurs was. And then the Rifts were found too, mystical places formed by the remaining shattered pieces of the Tower of Eternity that connected Elysea and Asmodae.
It was war again.

Elyos and Asmodians always blamed each other for the Cataclysm but they have a deeper reason to fight each other: Atreia is dying, bleeding Aether continually through the Abyss, and unless this bleed is controlled, then this life source will be exhausted.
The Abyss is an echo of the great Tower of Eternity that once stood in the midst of the world. It exists only because of the immense arcane forces that still resonate between the two tower stumps… a field of unnatural energy, like that which would arise between the poles of a colossal magnet. So the only solution is to destroy one of the two remaining towers, closing the Abyss forever and exterminating the whole Elyos or Asmodian race while doing so. Only one can live, or they will both perish.

More info on the Lore, here: Aion Lore


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