My name is Anahid. I’m Italian, married and currently living far away from my family, something I don’t really like. I’m an avid reader, an occasional writer and a roleplayer at heart.

To be honest I didn’t do much in my life aside from ruining it with wrong choices, but I’m a dreamer and a warrior, so luckyly for me I never stay sad for too long. I’m unemployed now and probably will be for a very long time: try to get a job as a 30+ woman, especially when you’re married. Right now I am a part-time babysitter and even though I really love those children, they wear me out everyday.

My free time is spent at home, with my two pets and my computer. I’m the lonely type, I don’t really need anybody around me. If you were looking for the perfect product of the Internet era, there, you found it! That’s me.

I love to play my guitar (I really have to start that again), I love to read fantasy books and I love to game, especially online games. Right now, playing Aion, since a couple of years, with a lot of breaks in the middle.

More about me will come later :)


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