Happy (belated) birthday Aion!

Wow, it’s been 3 years already? I can’t believe how fast time flies. And yet, Aion is 3 years old now and it’s still beautiful (with flaws, but still beautiful!)
I started playing it way before it was released in Europe. I was playing Lineage2 at the time, but to be honest I was quite bored of it, after 5 years. So, I started following Aion development and somewhere down the road, I had the opportunity to try it for free. On the chinese servers O_O
I don’t remember exactly how, but I managed to register an account and apply an English patch that would translate most of the game in english.
And when I logged in…. wow.

My first character was a female Elyos mage. She had this amazing white tunic that swayed every time she moved or cast a spell. My first thought at the time was “She looks like an angel”. And I swear, there were stars and hearts in my eyes ^^
The world was breathtaking, it was bright, full of colours, beautifully designed. I fell in love at first sight. And yes, even though now I play an Asmodian, my first love was Elysea and the traslucent flying fishes in Poeta’s lake. It looked magical to me, ethereal and pure.

The waiting between that opportunity on the Chinese servers and the European release was hard on me. I so wanted to play Aion! I was counting the days to release and when it finally happened, I was there with my boyfriend, ready to play. We always played together and after the Lineage2 experience we were determined not to repeat the same mistakes: so the first thing to do was create characters that could party together and needed for other people as well. And voilà! As per the boy-girl tradition in MMOs, he rolled a Templar and I rolled a Cleric. My dear, beloved Eilan.

I don’t remember much of my early days in Aion, to be honest. It was a blur of leveling up, getting ganked, leveling up more and enjoy the beautiful world.
At some point, we joined a legion called Cyrus. It was lively and there were some funny people in there, but after a while we realised it was a bit too much pvp focused for us. We always were the slow levelers, taking it easy, playing it as a hobby. So of course we fell behind.
At some point we quit the game but again I don’t remember why. Maybe after 5 years of Lineage2 we were tired of MMOs.
Some time later I started playing again, but this time I was alone. I joined Highlanders, an Italian legion and leveled up again. I was lvl 44 when my boyfriend asked me a certain question… and since my answer was “YES!” I had to quit the game again, this time to prepare for my wedding.
A wedding is a VERY complicated event to organize and I think I didn’t miss Aion in that period… I simply had too much to do ^^
Anyway after the wedding, I came back again… and here comes the part of the story I remember more.

You see, until going back to Aion again, my gaming was just leveling, partying and not much else, very casual. I never really bonded with anybody while I was part of Cyrus and Highlanders because nobody there was as casual as me: they were all fan of pvp or simply leveling up too fast for me. When I joined this time, I wanted to try something different.

So, one day I log in the official board and see a recruitment thread. It was advertising a legion called “The Protectors of Elysium” a legion “for mums, dads and people with lives”
And the best part of it? They were roleplayers!

I’m a roleplayer, I’ve always been one and I think I’ll be one forever. Usually I play pen & paper (and dices) with friends, but I had some experience on text roleplaying so I decided to give it a go.
I went to their forum and I wrote a novel length application which was immediately accepted.
Oh that was a wonderful period. The Protectors were fun, the chat was always alive, full of jokes, people were friendly, warm, a family. They were very casual, sometimes we just met in Sanctum or in our special place (the village below Sanctum, where we used to roleplay) and just chat for hours, or walk around showing off all our dresses. I remember a time when we started playing drums right in the Broker’s hall. At first there were 3 of us. Then people, even people we didn’t know started to join. Soon enough there were people dancing, singing, playing instruments… a big party!

A couple of months after I joined the Protectors a certain someone asked to roleplay with us, even without being part of the legion. His name was Daemion.

I remembered him from my Cyrus days although he didn’t remember me. He was a pretty good roleplayer and we accepted him gladly. He kept saying he didn’t want to leave his legion and that he just wanted to roleplay with us, but I was always pretty sure it was just a matter of time. He would have joined sooner or later. He actually did, a month later, making  all of us happy as we really liked him.
And that’s how I met (again) my dear, dear Allan.
We started playing together, at first out of frustration because our respective RP partners were too casual for us, but then we just “clicked” together, both roleplaying and as friends.
Last summer I was in the UK for a couple of weeks, and I can honestly say the best part of my holiday there was finally meeting him. Isn’t it awesome when you can finally talk with and see and hug someone you chatted with for over a year?

Since all good things sooner or later come to an end, the Protectors didn’t last long: our leader had to step down from the leadership and nobody stepped up to take over the legion. That blow was a really hard one. I remember I cried when I read about the disbanding. It was so hard for me that it made me quit Aion for some months.
I felt like I was mourning as silly as it may sound and I couldn’t look at Eilan without feeling pain. I definitely needed some time off.

I tried Rift but I didn’t like it too much, and when in June Aion reactivated all the inactive accounts as an event, I shyly logged in again, finding out I could stand playing Eilan again after the big pain for PoE disbanding. I was in a placeholder legion with Daemion at the time, until he decided he wanted to take the big step and join Havoc, the #1 pvp Legion on Perento. I stayed behind.
I never was a big pvper, I never had the gear nor the will to work for it. So he went and I stayed.
I tried to join a legion with a couple of former Protectors but in the end I left and joined back with Highlanders, my former Italian legion.

This time everything was different. Gaming wise, I think that was my best time in Aion. Highlanders was rebuilding when I joined. There were 4-5 people who logged in everyday and since they were Italian I was finally able to join TS to chat with them (chatting in English always ended up in a strong headache so I mostly avoided it).
I was the only cleric. I was taken everywhere. I helped them with heals and they helped me by teaching me how to pvp and how to get my gear. A month later I was in full 40e, socketed and +10. It truly amazed me as I was never into pvp… but I was liking every bit of it.
I stayed with them 4-5 months, helping them to rebuild, chatting with them everyday, I loved them.
Then a couple of things happened all together: an old member of Highlanders joined back and since he was a cleric and he was the General best friend, I started to party a bit less. And then I found out I had some health problems and I needed a little surgery to heal.
On top of this I really missed Daemion. Since he joined Havoc we barely talked as he was always busy with his legion.
So I made the leap: I applied for Havoc.
I’m apparently good at applications because I was accepted ^^

I was so proud of myself! It wasn’t easy at all to get into Havoc, and yet I made it. I was finally part of something big, an important legion, I was in the first one of the server!
And so another chapter begun, although it was short lived. Havoc may have been the #1 Legion in Perento, but when I joined I realised that was because of what the members did in the past. When I joined it was declining. It kept going down and down and as a reaction I went even more casual until I had to go to the hospital. Shortly after my surgery, Daemion left the legion after a heated argument and some days later I quit the game again. I simply wasn’t well enough to play, I needed a break.

My health and Daemion leaving weren’t the only reasons I quit though. I started to hate the game and I started to hate my cleric. We were in 2.7, when Arena was introduced and I kept loosing.
Yes I know: A cleric is the hardest class to beat, blablabla, he’s always winning, blablabla, etc etc. Well, I wasn’t winning at all. Sometimes my Mres set was helping against magic classes, but every physical class was simply touching me and stunning me everytime.
It was my problem of course, but the Arena was making me understand I hated 1vs1. I was a cleric, I was made to play in groups. I was made to heal groups. And I didn’t have a group to heal at the time.
I started loathing Eilan so much I couldn’t stand looking at her. So, as a reaction, I quit playing.
And this time I never went back to Eilan again.

After healing I started playing my little SM, a cute girl named Anthiah.

She was so fun!!! I always loved pets (I was playing a summoner on Lineage2) so rerolling on a SM was a natural step for me. I loved every bit of her and went through the levels like I never did with my cleric.

And then NC sold us to Gameforge. I remember raging so much on every platform I could reach since I could perfectly imagine what was in store for us.
I can now sadly confirm I was right but back then BlackVelvet managed to calm me down with her attitude, her will to answer our questions, her promises we would be fine.
I’m sure she meant every word as she’s a dear girl but sadly things didn’t turn out that well.

When Gameforge took over Aion I decided (as many others did) to give the new server a try. I was sick of Eilan, Daemion wasn’t playing Aion anymore, I needed something new to keep me in the game, so I went to Nexus.
This time I went Asmodian but it was a very short lived try!
After some thoughts I had to admit it with myself: I simply wasn’t interested in Aion anymore. I loved it, I laughed and cried and found a great friend, but it was over for me.

Since I’m writing this essay (!!!) now, that means I came back playing though… How did it happen? Sheer chance.
One day I logged into Highlanders TS to say hi and a legion member told me he and another one were trying Anuhart out, “to chill”. He invited me to play with them sometimes and I said “why not?”.
I was back into the tunnel, just like that :P

It was another Asmodian, a lovely SM named Miritas.

Isn’t she damn sexy? Too bad the mount was on loan from the shugo. But one day I’ll have it! :D
Of course the “chilling” turned out to be a reroll. And we joined an Italian legion called “Anime Nere” which can be translated as “Dark Souls”. It’s the legion I’m in right now.
I met a new friend there, a girl which is now very dear to me. We usually spend half the morning talking through skype!

I think I made peace with Aion when I went to Anuhart. I went casual again. I admitted with myself I enjoy PvE much more than I enjoy PvP. After that I never went pvping again and I don’t miss it in the slightest. I stopped leveling my SM at 56, seeing no reasons to level further for now. I simply have no urge to do so.

A week ago I decided I wanted to leave the Studio and have a proper home. The problem is I don’t like how Houses look! My favourite building was always the Mansion, but I had no money for it. I found a Fine Mana Serum design, bought it for 25 mil and started crafting. Anuhart is a new server… can you believe I can sell those serums at 14k each? In a week I had like 160 mil, just out of selling serums.
I already knew which Mansion I wanted and it was on Auction last week. I gathered my courage and pressed the Bid button. 112 mil disappeared just like that. I spent the rest of the week anxiously looking for an ingame mail: that would mean someone else bid higher than me.
The Auction was ending on sunday, at midday. I remember counting down the seconds like on New Year’s Eve ^^
And then…. it was mine!

My house! My preciouuuuuus.
How can you not love it when, walking outside you see this?

So, this is it for now. I think me and Aion went through a lot this past 3 years. I loved it and then I hated it. I quit and then I came back. There is something in this game that just keep drawing me in.
I wish I knew what it is. Right now I have my Mansion, I plan to level up my Construction craft to furnish it, since it’s pretty empty right now but I don’t plan to level, I’m content just staying where I am, taking it slowly, making kinah and using it to have fun.
And in the spare time, when I want some action, I log my little Eilantha (since Eilan was already taken), a char I created on the Israphel server.
Why NA?
Because I don’t like GF. I don’t mean to blame anyone, but they handled the game in a way I really don’t like. They promised us lots of things and kept too few of them. They promised us the Gold Pack system was necessary to avoid putting p2w items in the cash shop and yet we have them. Well, they aren’t p2w in their mind, but they are in mine.
NA is pay to win as well. They have lots of stuff I don’t like. But at least I don’t need to pay a Gold Pack there and they have events I like. And the fast Track Server *_* (Yes! I’m a PvE queen! :D)

So… yes, it looks like I can’t stay away from Aion too much before missing it and trying to find new ways to enjoy it.
Maybe it’s because of those many memories. Maybe it’s because I remember Sitarih and her whip. Or Shinlore and his badass look. Or our beloved Protector’s Village, right under Sanctum, where my Eilan lived doing her best to protect Elysea.
Maybe it’s because of Devilinside’s kindness, his wise words, his complete understanding, his helping me in anything I needed.
Maybe it’s because playing Aion reminds me of Daemion.

Happy Birthday Aion. Thank you for every emotion you gifted me in these 3 years!


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