Paris, second part

Note on French girls: they like short skirts. I never saw so many skirts all together and in the mid of winter. Now I get why there was a whole Lafayette section dedicated to stockings, collants and socks. French girls just love them.

That said… on that first day we wandered around until around mid afternoon when we went back to the hotel to rest a bit before going out again. The plan for the evening was: cruise on the Seine, Tour Eiffel and then Moulin Rouge.
Our agency warned us that a formal dress was required for the cruise and so we were prepared. My husband even wore a tie, something he never uses. I must say he was very elegant, I was rather proud to go around with him ^^
As for me, I was wearing a pair of black, elegant trousers after quickly discarding the notion of a skirt back home. I had a perfect one but truth to be told I didn’t want to ruin it during the trip. Turned out it was the right decision as it was a black velvet skirt and outside it was raining. Velvet and rain are a very bad combination :D

This time we were prepared. We had wi-fi at the hotel so we studied the fastest route to the Agency as we didn’t want to be late again.
It didn’t work.
We got lost again.
I couldn’t believe it. I looked forward so much to that evening and now we were going to loose it again. My feet were killing me as I was wearing heels and walking under the rain knowing we weren’t going anywhere was so depressing that I started crying out of rage and frustration. Until then I can honestly say it was the most horrible holiday I ever had.
Then my husband had a stroke of genius. “We had three differents events this evening. We lost the cruise, but maybe we can catch up at the Tour Eiffel”.
It made sense, so I stopped crying and gathered the last shreds of strenght I had to try and find that damn agency again. At last, after another ten minutes we arrived there.
And I will never ever forget the awesome employee who had pity of us and told us we could still make it for the cruise if we hurried.
It looked like the bus who was leaving from there was running around half Paris to reach the boat while it could be reached in ten minutes of walk from where we were.
We could still make it.
He showed us the path to take and picked up the phone to tell our boat to wait for us because we were coming. Whoever you are and wherever you are, thank you.
I couldn’t run but I walked as fast as I could under the rain, sending my husband ahead at a certain point to alert the boat we were there. The longest ten minutes of my life and the most painful as well. Damn those heels!!!
But hey. In the end we got to the boat! I was breathless and could barely talk out of cold and fatigue.
After recovering we realised we were early even as a good number of people came onboard after us, but we were so relieved we really didn’t care. All that mattered was we weren’t loosing the evening like we did the morning.

The cruise on the Seine was slow and visually stunning. It was raining but that was only adding to it to be honest. Paris was all lit up and shone in the night like a polished jewel. We had our dinner (which was definitely good) and looked around through the glass walls, enjoying the view.
Then it was the Tour Eiffel turn, something I was really not looking forward to. You see, I badly suffer from vertigo ^^
I was shaking for the entire time, both from cold and fear. I kept holding my husband’s hand all the time, squeezing it hard when I dared to look down from the tower. God it was awesome. The lights, the river, the night… fantastic.
Coming down from the tower was a nightmare though. Since it was raining hard we decided to take the lift and it was a really bad decision as I was nearly crushed in the crowd. I was scared, I will be honest. I’m a tiny woman and all those people were pushing me everywhere and towering on me. The crowd separated me from my husband and I could see him trying to reach me before I got hurt. In the end I was almost pushed to the ground but he managed to grab me before I fell.
When we got out of there, I sighed in relief.
The last part of the evening was the Moulin Rouge.

We were taken there by bus and we stayed in queue for almost 20 minutes before being able to enter so I had the time to look around. Well, we had been previously warned so I knew what to expect from the red light district of Paris. Sexy shop obviously. Pretty much everywhere ^^
When we finally managed to get it, I was amazed. The Moulin Rouge it’s a huge theatre, it can hold 900 people. We were lucky as we had our seats near the stage. I could almost touch the dancers. We were given champagne, comfortably sat down and then the show started.
Wow. Very good music and very good dancers. Most of the women were almost naked, just wearing a thong, fishnet collants and shoes. The breasts were naked if you didn’t count all the necklaces and various stuff part of the costumes. No bra, that is for sure, but hey it’s Moulin Rouge. You know the women are going to be almost naked.
There were four addictional spectacles, among the dancing. The most amazing one was a ventriloquist. He actually taught his dog to open and close the mouth in synch with him! Amazing.
In the end I felt the evening was worth the pain from the heels and from all the running we had to do. I was really satisfied.
But when I touched the pillow that night, I think I fainted :D


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