Paris, first part.

Let’s start by saying it wasn’t perfect. It really wasn’t. Starting from our airport already.
I waited for this trip for a long time since it was more then a year since my last real holiday. And more then five years for the one before that. So you see, I’m not really used to go around.
My first meeting with the airport was far from friendly as my scarf was stolen and since I really feel the cold, it wasn’t something I could easily forget by saying “I’ll buy another one.” Plus I was shocked and angry and scared that someone could just pickpocket me like that. My husband gave me his scarf, so at least I wasn’t freezing, but I was in a horrible mood because of that.
The plane boarding was easy, once we got how to do it (something our travel agency didn’t tell us. And you’ll hear more about that travel agency later).
I was a bit scared on the plane. I tried to focus on everything but the imminent departure until we finally took off. Then I suppose my inner child took over. I was all “ohhh look at that!” “Ohhh look, we’re going really fast now!” to the inner “ohgodohgodwe’releavingohgodpleaseletuslandsafely”.

Then… Wow. Clouds. A sea of clouds beneath us. White and grey, thick and slim. They were like waves, moving like a sea during a seastorm. It was wonderful. And the sun! The sky was a clear blue beyond the clouds and the sun was shining, hot and high. I loved it. On the contrary, in Paris it rained. The whole time. It’s still raining as I’m writing. And yet walking that first night in Paris streets while it was raining, felt right. Peaceful even.
The day after our arrival was our first real day of holiday, since the day before we reached the hotel at dinner time. In the morning we were supposed to reach a meeting point our agency told us to catch the bus for our first target, Versailles.

I’ll open a bracket here and explain that we booked three excursions before actually leaving, and we payed for them. In theory that would make our holiday easier as we already had all the tickets and didn’t need to waste time with queues and such. Our agency already messed before leaving: we booked a dinner on the Tour Eiffel just to find out, after paying, that it wasn’t available anymore. So we got our money back. But for the remaining stuff we booked, we had confirmation everything was ok. So we were quiet and happy walking to the bus.
We got to the meeting point some minutes later (tourists… You get lost easily) and then we found out a couple of things. First, our bus had left. Second, the tickets our agency gave us were just reservations. We needed to go to the local travel agency to convert them into real tickets and we needed to come to the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the actual leaving time. Stuff nobody ever bothered to tell us.
I was speechless at the amount of wrong informations we had. I was on the verge of phoning to my agency and rip them apart but I chose to delay it till my return.
In the end we booked our Versailles tour again and we got a receipt showing we payed for it again. When I’m coming home, I’m going to show it to the agency and get my money back. Notice that I didn’t say “try to”. I will get it back.

Since we had a free morning now, we went to Notre Dame. The amount of people visiting was huge but for most part they were respectful of the place. It was wonderful, a sight so amazing I can’t describe it. Paintings everywhere, candles, silence… The windows. The glass. Every piece a different drawing, bright colors (oh god that red and that purple. I loved them.), I can’t imagine what it was like with the sun shining through them. It must be an amazing sight. It took a good 30 min to walk through it all, although we didn’t go to the treasure room and just stayed in the church. Notre Dame, you really deserve your fame.

Next stop was more… Well. We went to Lafayette ^^
Biiiig place!!! 6 floors of shops. Selling everything. I never saw an entire floor worth of lingerie… So many things. And the toys floor!!! A kid could spend hours there. The only thing I didn’t like were prices. I mean, a scarf worth 60 euros? Excuse me? It was probably branded, but then everything there was, since I didn’t find anything for less. I didn’t buy anything of course :p
But aside for this… I loved the place. Makes a woman happy to look at so many things ^^

I’ll stop wriring for now. Stay tuned for more!!!


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