New Year: stuff to do

Well, I have lots to write and lots of ideas in my mind… but I don’t really have the time lately so this will be a flash post. Longer ones will come later.
It’s the end of the year and like every year you look back to what you’ve done. I can honestly say this year sucked! It was horrible on so many levels. A new one is coming now. I hope it will be better.

Stuff to do in my RL:
– get serious about writing. I know I can do it, I have the skills for it. I can’t find a job? I have to use the extra time to do something useful then.
– Try again and learn Korean. That language absolutely fascinates me. I blame the korean dramas for that!
– Try and be a better wife. I still have so much to work on… I want to make my husband happy and he’s not right now. That saddens me.
– Get back in track. I’m still suffering from the consequences of my surgery. I’m always tired, depressed, unwilling to do /anything/. I feel like a zombie, I have no more interest in anything, be it doing my stuff at home, or reading, or playing. If this is what that fucking medicine is doing to me, then I think I will be a really sad old woman, when the time comes for real.

Stuff to do in Aion:
– try to get the passion back. Right now I’m only playing because of one person and it’s really getting boring. Still I don’t want to quit till he plays.
– Remember to do my daily stuff with both my chars. Time consuming, but in the long run it pays off.
– Try and group with legion more. They are fun guys, but for most part I don’t even know them. And they don’t know me. Sometimes I really miss my old legion and think leaving it was a mistake. Then I remember why I shifted and I take my fingers far from the “leave legion” button.
– remember it’s just a game. It’s supposed to be fun. The moment it’s really not anymore and no matter what I do I find it boring, then it’s time to quit and not look back again.


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