There I said it. I’m rerolling my cleric on Aion.

Yesterday something happened and I was so enraged by it that I was tired for the entire day. I was on Eilan, doing my arena matches and I met this sorceror who ripped me apart. Ok he had a +10 eternal tome and was generally good equipped, so I wasn’t expecting to win to start with. But the thing that really made me furious was that I never resisted one of his spells. And he had 1700 MA, while I had 2120 MRes.
Ok, it’s all about %, probability etc. But not one single time? One?
Every silence he threw at me landed. Ever spell landed. Without supplication of focus or whatever the sorcerors use to up their MA.
I was really angry. Not at loosing but at loosing that way.
Every match I ever did in arena, was like: is the opponent my level, my equip or better, no matter the class? I’m dead.
Is the opponent lower than me or worse geared? I may win. May. No guaranteed.
I was trying to be positive, telling myself that once past 2000 Mres things would be easier. That’s not the case.

I’m toying with the idea of really rerolling since a while, but that was the last drop.
I’m forced to socket Mres while I would personally go for HP because the game forces me to, otherwise I’m dead meat. Last event helped in that sense as I have a good stash of manastones now, but before that? Is it fair that I had to spend more than 2 mil for a manastone while other people were just spending 300-400-800k?
Is it fair that I don’t have any skill to raise my Mres while other people can raise their stats? I can raise my concentration. Oooooh, really useful while I’m stunned.

Sorcs can sleep, root, silence.
SMs… let’s not even start.
Rangers stun and silence. And stun. And Stun. Everytime they crit.
Glads stumble, stun.
Chanters stun and throw you on the ground.
Sins stun.
Templars pull, stun.

And what else? I don’t even go look at their skills.
The problem is that it’s not 1 skill they have with the same effect. Either I’m permastunned, or I’m permasilenced, or I’m permafeared. Excuse me if I’m a bit tired of this.
Wait till I have better equip? Bullshit.
When I have better equip, so will my opponents because, guess what, they win more matches than me, so their progress is faster. I’m forever behind.

So yes, I’m tired. Tired of being forced to keep my dps stigma tree on because it’s the only way I can fight in Arena, tired of endlessly loosing unless my opponent is afk and tired of wasting consumables on useless fights (since I loose anyway).
Most of all, I’m tired of getting angry about it. I don’t need this right now.

Rerolling is a nice way to consider Eilan the B char, the one I don’t care about if she wins or looses. I can just be patient and wait till I have my equip, knowing that I only want it to group (something I don’t do right now because of the stupid stigma tree.)

I don’t think I will own anything or anyone with Anthiah. It will be just as frustrating because I will have to equip her, socket her, face people stronger than me. But at least I will have a character that can do more than stay there and wait to see if Lady Luck is on her side or not.
She’s already on the good path, char developing wise. I started leveling her Aethertapping and expanded her inventory, something that makes her feel more like a real character and not just an alt for fun. I’m not afraid of starting again, since I still have Eilan to go back to, if I need. And I’m not even feeling guilty for the legion, since SM is a missing class.

I’m just tired. I don’t want to get angry anymore and I know I will, if I keep playing Eilan. I’m not enjoying her now and this needs to stop or I’ll just quit again.

L2 will also help me chill out a bit, since it was my first love and always will be. I plan to spend lots of time there and enjoy it.

So yes. Rerolling. Fuck you Aion for making me do this.

EDIT: today I played 6 arena tickets. 1 person didn’t show up, so I got 50 insigna. 1 other was a cleric and I won by points.
Then there was: 1 templar with Master Carved weapon +6. He like… 5 shotted me, keeping me stunned.
Then 1 ranger, +10 bow. Permastunned me again. He was kind enough to let me kill him once, so I could go on with the Arena quest.
Then 1 chanter. Almost permastun again.
Last one was another cleric and I lost by points.

As I said on twitter, my decision to reroll never looked so right. Anyway, 162 insigna missing for the gloves. 5 days more.


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