Two weeks later

Let’s start with a personal note: lately I’ve been trying very hard not to think. November 23rd is near and if I stop thinking about that, about all the risks, about what could happen to me if something goes wrong, I’ll go crazy. I’m frankly terrified. I can’t sleep anymore, I’m having nightmares every night and that is affecting my every day life to the point that I’ve been staying home from work the last 2 days because I was so tired I couldn’t even stand from my chair.
So… no thinking. I’m putting my life on hold until the storm has passed. Of course I have to keep myself busy with something to keep my mind clear, so in between my house chores I’m playing Aion a lot. It helps distracting me and it keeps me focused on something that’s not what will happen in 20 days.

I like my new legion, even though it’s a bit different from what I thought. I was honestly doing more pvp with Highlander then what I’m doing now with Havoc to the point that I feel really stupid for having waited that long and worried that much about making a good impression. I could have applied at least a month ago and I would have been accepted anyway. Oh well.
They are good guys and I finally see a bit of action in legion chat, it was always silent in Highlander. Since I like chatting, I miss that when I can’t be online and lately I’m not online much, because I’m exping what will probably become my new main.
I still love Eilan, but all I’m doing with her lately on a daily basis is the solo instances. Then there is the Padma raid once a week and the slaughter in Arena. Yes, the slaughter.
Oh, I raged a lot about that damn Arena… all I’m doing it for is the EC armor, because I find it really ridicolous. Probably because I’m loosing all the time.
Tbh, it’s not the Arena’s fault… it’s the game mechanic and the class balance. Which doesn’t exist.
I can accept to be killed by equal level people, better geared than me (that’s not hard at all), but when I meet poorly geared people and I find myself constantly paralyzed/stunned/silenced/feared/thrown on the ground, without even landing one skill, that’s when I get angry.
It’s my fault too of course, my gear is outdated and so I’m an easy prey, but I really find it hard to think that when I have the eternal armor things are going to magically change.
Then there are the 3.0 notes… which, more than ever, stress NCSoft view about clerics: party characters and nothing more.
Well, alright, I told myself, it’s no use beating a dead horse. So I simply put Eilan on hold, doing my daily stuff, trying to do my best in Arena, knowing I’ll be slaughtered anyway, and in the meanwhile exping a new char. I chose a Spiritmaster.
You might think that I chose that class because I raged so much about Fear and I want to jump on the winning wagon, but to be honest it’s not that. I had a summoner in Lineage2 too and I loved the class, the pet, the playstyle. It’s not new to me, I played my Miritas for more than half of my Lineage2 time… and to play solo, I know it’s the best. I read about the upcoming nerf, the fear that won’t work that good in pvp, the new magic block stat, but I don’t care, I love my Spiritmaster and to be honest, I know and use her better at lvl 33 than my Eilan at lvl 55.
My sweet Eilan isn’t made to kill people, I truly don’t like it when I’m in full dps spec in Arena, and that’s probably why I don’t win: I do it out of duty, not out of real interest, I don’t even want to get better in the 1vs1 department. I want to get better in the group vs group one, and that’s why I’m working for my new armor, so I can be less of liability and more support. I’m seriously thinking about going in Arena with my full healing spec and just go afk for the time being. At least I would spend less in stigma for the constant changing. But then again, I’m not good in just being mangled without trying to defend myself ^^
I actually wonder if a full block set or a full hp one (aside the MR one which I need, no doubt there), would do me any good… but with the current MR stone price I think I will be able to afford one when the sun will rise in the west :P
That’s another thing I find ridicolous… spending billions of kinah to resist skills that will get through anyway because the enemy slot the opposite manastone. Hello, Moonlight hit me for 5k damage when I had 1300 mres in my pve set… I was like O__O
Not to talk about magic chars, who can simply CC me to death and dance on my grave without me being able to land a heal on myself. Oh, did I mention that you can’t heal AND dps in the same time? I thought I didn’t :P
Ranting, ranting… my baby Eilan is made to stay in group with big guys and not all alone ^^

Anthiah on the other hand… I love her! The amount of things she can do is simply amazing. Today I escaped barely bruised a 3 mob gank, something that would have left Eilan almost dead (I’m talking about same level mobs) and even killed alone my first elite mob. I was so proud of my little summoner ^^
I’m trying to exp her fast because I miss the legion chat… she now misses 7 levels before she can go in. Can’t wait.

About the legion I’m a bit concerned, to be honest. From my point of view, it’s not going well. Since I joined, 2 people ragequitted (1 was invited back) and 2 quit the game, one of which was the previous legion leader. As for gaming, either they are doing all their parties while I’m out at work or sleeping, or there is really poor action there, not to talk about the pvp which is almost non-existent. And they are the 1st ranked pvp legion, although I really think they keep the trophy just because of previous achievements, and not because of what they are doing now. New MMO are coming out in a few and I fear they will steal a lot of players, to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the legion died. I just see a lot of boredom now. It’s really a pity considering what Havoc was… but then again, I’m in since barely 15 days, so things can change.
Wanting to laugh about it, I can say it’s my curse… since my main legion in Lineage2 died, every legion I joined afterward was dead in less than 2 months. In Aion the only one that died was PoE (and hey, I joined in november and it died when, in february?), but I quit Cyrus and Highlander on my own will, rather staying till the end, so they don’t count. So… will Havoc be the next victim? Because I’m not leaving :P


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