The day after

Ok yesterday it was all about ranting… I was feeling very depressed. Not that today is much better, but at least I’m able to think a bit more clearly.

About my Aion issue, I decided to lower my expectations. I’m clearly not in the right period to pursue more ambitious projects, so I’ll just go with the basic ones: daily mentors (not even the weeklies. That takes effort), daily EC, daily crafting to get some money back. I’ll be available for my friends and legion if they need me but I won’t actively look for any party or event.
I’m bored lately, and that’s never good. Most of all, I think I just misjudged my abilities to reach some of the goals I had, like the new pvp armor or the kill count increase to satisfy the Havoc requirements. My life involves a husband to care for, a house to clean, pets to mind, cooking, washing, ironing, babysitting, etc etc, and if I want to do all those things in the right way, that leaves me not much time to actually play. So either I do pvp or I do pve. And with the recent expenses (I’m happy I bought that master design, but damn, it was expensive), I need the pve more than I need the pvp. I guess I’m disappointed I can’t do both, but sometimes you have to be realistic.
What’s worse is that now the pve bores me. And I loved it before. I never had a problem with running groups with pugs, but recently I just can’t be bothered to with people I don’t know and don’t trust. I always liked to go DDG and yet I just go once in a blue moon now. The list could go on.

I don’t know why, but it feels more like a duty now, a burden and not something fun and relaxing. This just isn’t right.
So this is when I put an end to it, until I recharged my batteries.
Just basic stuff and probably some relaxing on my Perento Asmodian account. Last time I played an Asmodian I went back to Eilan happier and willing to do more, so maybe it will work again ^^
I know myself, so it won’t take long before I decide if going back to my lovely cleric or just shut Aion down again. I hope it will be the first option. For now both accounts will be running… and we’ll see.


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