Sometimes you are obsessed with something which you know it’s not really worth it, but you can’t avoid to want. In my case, regarding Aion it was to enter Beshmundir Temple in HM and get to the end of it. Nobody ever wanted me: they either wanted experienced people or people with keys and super pro gear. It wasn’t my case so I couldn’t go.
Tonight I was preparing for my pvp night when I was asked for BT. I don’t like changing my plans, especially when they involve other people but after some hesitation, I agreed. At start it was a nightmare, I hate that stupid first boss, even more because we didn’t have any templar but just a gladiator to tank. We wiped twice. I half expected my party to rage and kick me out, since I clearly was the noob there, but after the initial anger they took the patience path and advised me giving me some tips and tricks. When that boss finally died I cried in victory. We had some problems with the other bosses too, but in the end we got to SW. I really couldn’t believe it. The waiting was finally over and I just wished I wouldn’t screw up at the end. Turned out I didn’t ^^
People always scared me, telling me I needed to learn the right way to heal him, but it wasn’t necessary: now that he was nerfed, he really is the easiest mob of the instance. And I got the BT shield and the BT cleric boots out of there!
I can say I’m satisfied now. Doing BT was something I wanted, mainly beacause my being unexperienced on it raised a few eyebrows. Well now I did it and hopefully learnt. In your face, elitist bitches! :D


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